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3 Reasons You Want to Work with a Professional Framer

As an artist, you might be wanting to have your art pieces expertly framed to display them beautifully. While there may be some doubts because of the added costs, the end result for your pieces will prove that it’s definitely worth the investment. If you want something that will enhance your art, especially if you have no idea how to frame them, then working with a professional framer is a good idea. 

That being said, let us delve more into why exactly you will want to work with a professional framer:

1. It Is Convenient

Perhaps the most obvious reason to work with a professional framer is that they will make the process much more convenient for you. No more do you have to sit down and think by yourself what kind of frame, let alone set it up to have your art framed. They will talk to you about everything, from the materials of the framing down to how you want to mount it. You might even learn a thing or two about how one can properly preserve and care for your art!

In the end, all you need to do is make that final decision, while a professional framer will carry out your wishes to the dot.

2. Doing So Preserves Your Art

A professional framer’s job is not only to help frame your art with the most stunning frames. Their job also includes preserving your art, which is a vital part of the framing process. They will explain to you the various aspects of framing a picture, helping you understand the different things that may affect the artwork’s lifespan. Everything—from the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic glazing down to the pros and cons of other types of mediums—your chosen professional framer will help you understand all of it!

Keep in mind that this type of discussion is not about making you pay a higher price for better quality stuff. Rather, it is done so that you can understand for yourself what can be done if you want the proper materials for your art that is being framed at an affordable and right price.

3. They Can Help You Find the Best Option

When working with a professional framer, you will get access to a countless number of different frames. This can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you do not have an idea of what kind of frame you will like. Fortunately for you, the framer can help you pick! They will offer you different approaches on how to exhibit your artwork, and they will show you the frames that will work incredibly well for the type of art you have.

Simply put, a professional framer will make the decision-making process much simpler by narrowing down the options that work best for your art pieces.


With all of that said, should you work with a professional framer? Absolutely! If you want the best frames to showcase your art pieces in their best light, then having a professional framer to help you pick a frame will ensure this happens. 

That being said, do take the time to look for favourable framers, simply because not all framers will work well with what you have. Pay attention to what they’re offering, and ask all the questions you want to ask. If you find that they are more than happy to teach you all the things about art framing and that you see them working hard to pick the best frame, you are working with an excellent framer.

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