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Custom vs. Store Bought: Why You Should Customise Your Picture Frames

People take and keep pictures to capture different moments — stills of milestones worth keeping, quiet memories that are heartwarming to remember, to the unseen, in-between instances that reveal what life was like from long ago. Every picture is as personal as paintings — each stolen memory telling a unique story. 

But just like artwork, your picture won’t be complete without the proper framing to showcase them. The picture framing may seem unimportant, so it’s tempting to buy the first aesthetic frame you can find in department stores. 

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on mass-produced frames to protect your pictures down the line. That’s why custom framing takes centre stage as the best choice for showcasing your original photographs compared to your off-the-shelf, store-bought picture frames.

What Makes Custom Picture Framing Different and Better? 

Benefit #1: Cater to Different Photo Sizes 

Custom photos are an art in itself and as more people take an interest in hobby photography, printing these unusual stills often leave enthusiasts exploring different photo sizes. Sticking to the standard sizes can be limiting when you want to bring more life to your photos, so exploring panoramic styles, larger formats, or atypical dimensions are only possible with custom picture framing. 

Benefit #2: Create a Dramatic Aesthetic 

Store-bought picture frames are often lacklustre. It lets the photos steal the spotlight, but instead of using it as a holding medium, custom frame allows you to take your photos to the next level by introducing more personality. 

Custom framing leaves more room to experiment with different styles, one that can complement the look and feel of your pictures. You can also use custom frames to extend the narrative of your pictures by adding some textural elements, giving it a bolder, ornate finish that makes for a visually dynamic impression. 

Benefit #3: Protect and Preserve Your Pictures 

Feelings and memories can fade, but pictures can capture our fleeting moments in technicolour. It’s like a portal that transports people to the past, but factors like UV rays and the effects of time can take their toll on your pictures. 

If you want to preserve your custom art and important photos for years to come, using a custom frame can protect your memories from fully fading. This is because there’s an option to install a custom framing with UV-filter glazing on the glass to prevent discolouration in your photos, leaving you with crystal clear stills of your life’s happy times.

The Bottom Line: Custom Picture Framing Keeps Your Memories in Good Shape for the Long Haul 

Framing your memories is worth the effort, especially if you want to savour moments for years to come. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but the framing ensures the message remains clear down the line. For special snapshots you want to preserve forever, custom framing is the right choice for your picture framing needs. 

Why Choose Picture Framing?

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