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Why Framing Your Bathroom Mirror Is More than Aesthetics

Bathroom mirrors are essential fixtures in any home. They help us prepare for the day, apply makeup, and check our appearance before heading out. However, many people overlook the benefits of framing bathroom mirrors. Framing them can provide many advantages beyond just improving the aesthetics of your bathroom. Let us explore that in this article.

Improved Aesthetics 

Framing your bathroom mirror can instantly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. By adding a frame, you can create a focal point in the room, making it feel more put together and polished. A frame can also add a touch of elegance or warmth to your bathroom, depending on the style you choose. With the variety of materials and finishes available, you can choose a frame that complements the rest of your bathroom decor.


You can protect your mirror’s edges when you frame it. Mirrors are fragile and can easily chip or crack if not handled carefully. A frame can act as a barrier, preventing accidental damage to its edges. This is especially important if you have children or pets who may accidentally bump into the mirror. Additionally, a frame can protect the mirror from moisture damage, which is common in bathrooms.

Easy Installation

Framing your bathroom mirror is a relatively easy DIY project. You can purchase pre-made frames that are designed to fit standard mirror sizes, or you can have a custom one made to fit your specific mirror. Many pre-made frames come with adhesive strips or clips that make installation a breeze. You can also choose to glue the frame directly to the mirror if you prefer a more permanent option.

Hide Imperfections

If your bathroom mirror has scratches, chips, or other imperfections, framing it can be an effective way to hide them. A frame can cover up any unsightly marks on the edges of the mirror, making it look new again. This is a great way to extend your mirror’s lifespan without having to replace it.


Creating a frame for your bathroom mirror offers a great deal of personalisation. There is an extensive selection of materials to pick from, such as wood, metal, and fabric. Additionally, you have the option to select from various finishes like paint, stain, or lacquer. With the numerous choices at your disposal, you can design a frame that seamlessly aligns with your taste and enhances your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Add Storage 

Some framed bathroom mirrors come with built-in storage options. For example, you can purchase a mirror with a shelf or cabinet built into the frame. This allows you to increase your bathroom storage capacity without occupying more floor area. The additional storage can be utilised for keeping personal care items, cosmetics, or other necessary bathroom products.

Increase Resale Value

A well-framed bathroom mirror can give the impression that your bathroom is well-maintained and updated. This can be a selling point for potential buyers, as they are often looking for move-in ready homes. Additionally, a framed bathroom mirror can make your bathroom look more luxurious, which can be appealing to buyers.


Adding a frame to your bathroom mirror is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom while also offering extra advantages. There is a wide range of frame choices, allowing you to select one that matches your bathroom’s design and suits your taste. Framing your bathroom mirror is an excellent idea if you want to conceal flaws, incorporate storage, or boost your home’s resale value.

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