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Everything You Need to Know about Canvas Stretching

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If you’ve ever been to an art gallery, you’ve seen a canvas painting stretched over a wooden frame. Canvas stretching is a technique used by artists to create a firm surface for painting. This is not only used by painters but also by photographers and printmakers.

This article discusses everything you need to know about canvas stretching. 

What Are the Different Types of Stretched Canvas?

1. Gallery Wrap

A gallery wrap is a type of stretched canvas where the canvas wraps around the edges of the frame. The frame is usually made of wood but can also be made of metal or plastic. These are famous for displaying artwork because they give any room a clean, finished look. They are also easy to hang on walls without special hardware or mounts.

2. Traditional Wrap

A traditional wrap is a type of canvas that is stretched over a frame. This canvas is typically used for paintings or other works of art. Traditional wraps are generally made from cotton or linen and are available in various sizes.

What Are the Benefits of Having Stretched Canvas?

One of the most significant benefits is that it provides a very stable surface to paint on. This is important because it can be challenging to paint on a surface that is not stable. A stretched canvas is much more stable, so your brushstrokes will be smoother, and your paint will go on more evenly.

Another benefit of using a stretched canvas is that it is easy to frame. To prepare your painting, staple or nail the canvas to the back of the frame. This is a lot easier than having to stretch the canvas yourself.

Finally, stretched canvases tend to be much more durable than unstretched ones. This is because they are less likely to get damaged when handled. A stretched canvas is a better option if you transport your painting or store it for a long time.

How to Do Canvas Stretching?

If you want to display a canvas painting you made yourself or even one you bought, you’ll need first to stretch the canvas. Stretching a canvas is not tricky, but it is essential to do it correctly so your painting looks its best. 

Here are some instructions on how to stretch a canvas.

You will need:

– A piece of wood that is at least 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the canvas

– A stapler

– Staples

– Hammer

– Tacks (optional)

  1. Lay the wood on a flat surface. Place the canvas face down on top of the wood. Center the canvas on the wood.
  2. Fold over one side of the canvas onto the back of the wood and staple it about 1 inch from the edge of the wood.
  3. Fold over the other side of the canvas and staple it in the same way.
  4. Turn the wood and canvas over, so the staples are on the underside. Fold over one end of the canvas and staple it about 1 inch from the wood’s edge.
  5. Fold over the other end of the canvas and staple it in place.
  6. If desired, use tacks to secure any loose corners or edges of the canvas to the wood frame


Canvas stretching is a process that helps to ensure your canvas print will look its best for years to come. By stretching the canvas around a wooden frame, you can help to prevent warping and sag and ensure that your print will hang flat against the wall. It is a relatively simple process, but time and care are essential to avoid damaging your painting. 

If you are not confident about doing it independently, you can always contact professionals for canvas stretching in Newtown. Picture Framing provides sound advice and a wide range of high-quality products to assist you in creating your ideal framed piece. Contact us for more details!