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Upgrading Your Home Decor with Custom Frames

Many people have questioned the benefits of custom framing. Well, for one, there is a disparity between a standard store-bought frame and one built specifically for the photograph, artwork, or item you plan to frame. 

Artwork, collectibles, and family heirlooms can all benefit from custom frames. Custom frames prevent yellowing, fading, and disintegration of film, music, and sports artifacts. This is why people have come to get custom frames for their prized possessions. Read on to learn more.

Individualised Style in Custom Framing

Custom frames with three-colour pine wood trim and a modern flat square shape are available. Finally, you must select what is the best way to go with your artwork and antiques. We can help you decide how to best display your grandfather’s motorbike vest or an autographed hockey jersey so that it compliments your space and shows your own style.

Photographs in Custom Framing

Nowadays, the vast majority of photos are taken with a smartphone. This allows you to capture memories in various sizes. In addition to the normal sizes, this is available. Photographs of any size can be framed custom. As a result, your framed photos may be square, classic, or tailored to fit.

Materials Used for Custom Frames

Photo frames are made of clear polished genuine glass with a thickness of 2mm. This authentic glass is suited for photo frames with a diameter of up to 30 inches. For frames greater than 30 inches, we utilize glazed 1/8″ acrylic. The reasoning is that a larger frame needs a lighter weight. Furthermore, larger glass is more likely to shatter. Acrylic is less prone to break because of its malleability.

Measuring Frame Size for Custom Frames

Measure the width and height of your portrait, poster, artwork, or print from the outside. We can help you determine the best frame size for a digital photograph that you want to print and frame. Send us a note, and we’ll assess whether your image needs to be cropped or trimmed, or whether it’s fine as is. If you prefer uploading 1:1 images on Instagram and your camera is set to do so, the photo frame size will be the same on both sides. Depending on the resolution of your camera, you can frame the photographs at 5 x 5 inches, 16 x 16 inches, or much larger.

Even if you are not an expert, you may rely on our knowledge and experience. We can help you determine the best frame size for your photos and frame them to fit your space. Please contact us if you require any other information.

Getting Inspired by Custom Framing

In recalling some of your most vivid memories and remembering your goals, you may feel inspired to put them up on a wall and admire them. A customized frame can help you convey your message through text or an image. This is a genuine take on making one-of-a-kind decor at home.


A custom frame is simply a better product. Many of the frames we buy at craft stores are constructed of acidic plastic or resin, despite their low price. Bespoke frames, on the other hand, are made with thicker glass than store-bought frames and may be built in almost any size, allowing them to fit in unusual spaces. With these, you have more high-quality goods and give you better value for your money.

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