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Unique Ways to Frame and Admire Your Black & White Photos

If you love taking pictures to preserve your memories and allow you to look back at the best moments of your life, you may want to consider printing them out and displaying them at home. Whether you take the photographs using a camera or your phone, one way to make them stand out is to print them in black and white.

Black and white photos are timeless. They offer nostalgia for the good times and appear more elegant than coloured pictures. Despite being an excellent idea, it can be quite challenging to develop creative ways of framing them because they don’t always go well with all frames.

Whether you’re hanging up your photos on a bare wall, displaying them on a shelf, or positioning them on a bedside table, you have to be careful about how you want to frame your black and white photos. Keep reading below to find out tips on managing your pictures using the appropriate frames.

Use Classic Frames to Make the Pictures Stand Out

For homeowners that prefer keeping their decor timeless and minimalistic, you could settle for simple yet classic picture framing solutions, such as a black frame with a white mat. When you have a light-coloured mat, it goes well with a bold black frame, making a statement that leads you to focus on the black and white photos instead.

Another colour you want to try is a silver frame because it works to complement the tones of your black and white photos. Make sure that your mat remains light-coloured to keep it looking joyful. But if you want your photos to emanate stronger emotions, you could use dark grey or charcoal mat instead.

Just because you plan to use classic frames, it doesn’t mean your creativity is limited! You can decide to get matching frames and line them up in order or keep things exciting by getting custom framing with various sizes and hang your photos on different areas of your wall.

Match the Picture Frames with Your Interior Design

A helpful way to decide what kind of framing you want for your photos is to gather inspiration from your existing decorations and furnishings in your chosen space. Look at your shelves, tables, wall art, and other details that make up the design of your room.

When you realise the colours and styles present, it will be easier for you to acquire custom picture frames to go well with your home. For houses leaning towards a more rustic design, you could select frames made from distressed wood or metal with minimal or no mat at all.

On the other hand, if your home has furniture that follows a particular colour or wood finish, you should choose frames that can match them well. Where you position your black and white photos is also crucial because you want to make sure you display the most important ones where people can see and appreciate them.

Apply Colorful Frames to Offset Your B&W Photos

An exciting way to hang your black and white photos at home is to use colourful frames to make them stand out better. It’s a way to offset the pictures by playing with bright shades. If you want striking colour choices, you could get red, blue, or orange frames.

Other than that, you can also consider deep hues for your custom picture framing to accentuate your space while making sure the attention remains on your photos. Bright coloured mats match any room that contains prominent pieces, such as various furniture, decorative lamps, and noticeable artwork. 


It’s always nice to see pictures being displayed at home rather than storing them in your phone or computer and forgetting they ever existed. Whether you want to keep using classic frames, match your frames with your home’s interior design, or use colourful frames, there’s always something fun to do to showcase your black and white photos. Admiring your photographs allows you to appreciate your favourite moments and remind you that life is precious, and you should cherish your time with your loved ones while you still can

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