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The Top Reasons to Have Framed Posters in Your Home

Bare rooms have a lovely aesthetic that looks ready to inhabit and give off a calm atmosphere. However, the issue with bare walls is that they look lacking, and they can often be dull as the days progress. As children, we often loved getting free posters in magazines and video games, which is what we framed and mounted on our walls to add spice to our rooms. People might get bored with their living spaces’ bland colour, which makes it a great reason to invest in a few framed posters.

Whether you’re a video game enthusiast, a movie lover, or have a love for art, poster framing can help give your rooms a new breath of life. Having art is incredibly important in most homes, as these can spruce up the place when mounted in the right locations. It’s a great addition to add to rooms like a home theatre, a game den, or even your kid’s rooms. Here are the reasons why you need custom framing to give a new look to your bare home:

Framing Posters Versus Sticking Them Bare

Sticking a poster to the wall isn’t always the best idea because it can damage both the paper and the paint of the surface. It can also be susceptible to various damages from accidents and other accidental spills, which is why a frame will protect it. Blue-tac, tape, and pins will ruin the poster, and you might notice that it’ll keep falling off as it ages. A framed piece also looks more luxurious and well-done, as this has a sense of elegance and importance. Framed pieces are often met with more attention, as people might ask where you had the framing done.

If your poster is signed and marked by a celebrity, it’s even better to have it protected by custom framing, as the elements can degrade the markers used. If you have an important piece, framing it usually bumps up the value, which can be an attractive element in your home.

They Will Boost Your Home’s Aesthetics

If you have a movie night room like a home theatre, your favourite movie poster can be framed and mounted on the walls surrounding your screen. If you’re a film enthusiast, having your favourite films embedded in a frame can show how serious you take your motion picture interests. Overall, you’ll enjoy the theatre aesthetic, which makes it pleasant to sit down and binge-watch various trilogies and movies.

Others love to have their game rooms and hobby rooms full of posters because it creates a great atmosphere. Perhaps you’ve had a video game that characterised your youth, or one game had beautiful art direction that is frame-worthy. In these cases, poster framing can help immortalise your gaming experience.

If you’re a photographer and love to take pictures of landscapes, you can have old images from your film cameras or digital ones printed on high-quality paper and framed with bold borders. Then, you can mount them all over your home and even prepare them for selling if you think the photograph speaks an incredible story.


Homes are the best place to customise your living experience and have your favourite things mounted on the walls. Many people love posters because they immortalise your love and interest in certain things, which is why framing these pieces can make them more valuable to you. Be sure to go for custom framing to ensure your house is full of uniquely-housed works of art.

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