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Top Tips to Preserving Your Picture Framing

Picture framing captures more than just a photo. It captures the meaning and memories behind it for everyone to cherish for a long time. We’re pretty sure you want to keep it that way since it’s a precious (and expensive) item, so here are some easy pointers to preserving your picture framing!

For Transporting

  • Never hold the frame on one side. It is essentially four bars of wood nailed together by their edges. Doing so will deform and destroy it. Instead, carry it in an upward position (with your fingers nestling the bar) or hold two sides. 

This applies to both small and large picture frames.

  • Add support to the frame to prevent damages and cracks on the bars and glass panel. Your frame provider should have foam inserts for the edges. When in the car, place towels or blankets in the truck or place the frame directly on the passenger seat.

For Hanging

  • Never hang picture framing in warm areas such as walls near radiators, appliances, or windows! These will affect the picture quality, causing it to crumple and deform.
  • Never hang picture framing in damp or cold areas too! It will cause the frame to sweat due to the glass panel and damage the photo inside. The sweating will also ruin the frame due to fungal growth.
  • Never hang picture framing on a freshly-painted or damp wall, either. Let the paint dry evenly first to avoid marks on the frame’s edges. 
  • Never hang picture framing in direct sunlight. The glass panel amplifies heat, fades colours, and ruins photo paper.
  • Observe the proper hanging rules. One hook or screw in the middle of the back panel for smaller picture framing will keep it steady. For bigger ones, secure it with two wall hooks or screws set around a quarter of the way on each side.

For Cleaning

  • Never use water or household cleaning solutions on the picture framing’s edges as they may cause damage to the frame and even spoil the finish. Wipe them instead with a damp cloth, soft brush, or a feather duster to remove dirt.
  • For the glass panel, use a dry glass cloth. It is also better if the fabric is made from microfibre, as this material is soft enough to remove dust particles and marks from the surface without leaving any scratches. 

Never apply a cleaning solution directly onto the glass panel as it could seep into the photo. Apply it to the cloth first, then gently wipe in a circular motion.

For Maintenance

  • Observe the cord or wire in the back panel to see if it’s wearing out or loosening. Bring to your framer if it is to prevent fall damage.
  • Open your picture framing every so often to check for signs of deterioration such as discolouration, small brown dots, insects or insect carcasses, and other particles that seeped through the glass. If you notice any of these, go to your framer for professional advice and cleaning.
  • Picture framing has taped sealing in the back as an extra layer of protection from dust and damage. If it shows signs of peeling and coming off, it needs immediate replacement from your framer.
  • Take photos of your picture framing on your phone to reference its original state. Juxtapose that image with the actual frame over time to better note any differences. You can take pictures of the frame’s current state and show these to your framer for professional advice.

The Last Frame

These easy pointers keep your photos and sacred memories intact for years to come. Just follow each category, from transport to maintenance, and remember to bring it to your framer if you notice anything different from its original state. Sometimes, the best way to preserve those moments is to have a professional look into them.

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