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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Mat for Your Photo Frame

Your custom picture frame will not be complete without the perfect mat. And like picture frames, there are different materials, sizes, and thicknesses to choose from. We’ve got a few tips to help you select the ideal mat for your frame. Read on.

Consider the Depth of the Mat

A mat that is deeper than the frame will better secure the photo inside the frame. But be mindful of the photo’s dimensions because a deep mat may cover essential portions of the picture. 

A Wooden Mat Can Add a Touch of Natural Beauty

Handcrafted wood picture frames and wood mats can beautifully accentuate your photo. Natural wood can be paired with a rustic or modern frame, or a modern contemporary frame can be paired with a natural wood mat. Consider the colour of the wood when selecting a picture frame. 

Consider the Weave Type

Whether you choose a solid, wood, or wireframe, you can select a mat that complements it perfectly. For example, a wire frame and a wooden frame are made from similar materials, so a wooden mat will complement both the frame and the photo.

An Acrylic Mat Can Be More Durable

Acrylic has a sturdier weave than wood, so if you tend to handle your frame a lot when showing it off to friends and family, consider an acrylic mat.

Consider the Mat Thickness

A thin mat is ideal for a photo that doesn’t need the protection of a deep mat. A thin mat can make your image look like it’s floating on the surface of the frame.

Choose Matte for a Crisp Look

A matte mat will give your photo an amazing finish; think of a framed photograph. Select a matte mat if you wish to give your image a clean, crisp look. If you’re displaying a picture that already has a glossy finish, like a professional print, you can opt for a smooth mat.

Choose a Satin Mat for a Touch of Luxury

A satin mat adds an extra layer of richness and luxury to your frame. Consider a satin mat if you’re looking to create a sophisticated look.

Use a Metal Frame and Mat to Create a Contrasting Look

Metal photo frames and mats will create some visual contrast and elegance. You can choose from gold or silver frames with matching metal mats or opt for a contrasting colour. 

A Decorative Metal Mat Can Be a Great Addition to Your Frame

Decorative metal mats can add extra embellishment to your frame. You can opt for a metal piece with intricate patterns, or you can select a basic metal mat.


Deciding between different materials, colours, and styles of mats can be overwhelming, but it’s all about choosing what looks best with the contents of your picture frame and the room in which it will be displayed. 

A custom photo frame will enhance the beauty of your picture and make it the centre of attention in your home. When choosing a photo frame, consider the dimensions and style of your photo as well as the materials and colours that complement both your image and the structure of your picture frame. And, just like a mat, a custom photo frame can be easily added to your photo collection.

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