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10 Things in Your House That You Should Have Framed

We usually associate framing with photographs and certificates, but there is a whole host of awesome items you can showcase in your home. With custom picture frames, you are not limited to images and awards. 

Not sure what pieces you can highlight in your house? You’d be surprised how many things can turn into a great artful installation when you put the right frame around them. 

1 – Tapestries

Tapestries are an excellent way to decorate your home. These cloth pieces can be great works of art that represent your own interests and even heritage. Framing a tapestry is a simple way to create a sophisticated display that doesn’t feel dated. You can even just get any piece of cloth that feels decorative if you don’t have a specific tapestry in mind.

2 – Trinkets and Textiles

Whether you are making a mosaic or simply have a collection you want to show off, framing it can make it immediately noticeable. What adds to the appeal of using a frame for display is the added security element. Things won’t just get picked off easily or moved around. You can use anything from different fabrics to little knick-knacks or shells and pebbles.

3 – Old Books and Magazines

There’s a great trend that breathes new life into old magazines and books that have otherwise been damaged to the point of unreadability. You can frame the cover and have wall art just like that. You can also get crafty and use select pages to highlight and even draw or paint over. It creates a lot of interest and is a unique way to reuse old things that would otherwise be discarded or stored away.

4 – Flowers and Plants

Remember pressing old plants and flowers in between books to collect them? Take that to the next level and frame some dried flora so that you have a gorgeous arrangement to display.

5 – Antique Pieces

If you have any old jewellery or pieces of value that you can’t really figure out how to display, you could simply mount them up on a framed display. It’s an excellent way to make use of great heirlooms that you don’t want to use or store.

6 – Collectibles 

Think vinyl pieces, trading cards, baseball cards, stamps, celebrity signatures, and more. These can highlight things that matter to you and make for quick ice breakers.

7 – Drinks

Have you ever seen a framed open shelf system and noticed how elevated it looks? You can create that same effect by putting some custom framing around your bar. Just like that, your cocktails feel even classier.

8 – Keys

This one is a matter of practicality. It may look visually pleasing to have an area that highlights where you hang up your keys, but more importantly, it makes sure you don’t forget it so easily.

9 – Maps

Instead of going for the usual poster framing, you could display maps! You can opt for retro maps, space maps, schematics, and even maps of fictional lands. They’re great visual pieces, and you have a ton of options. You can even pick locations that have a significant meaning to you.

10 – Memorabilia

Certificate framing is no new thing, but why not go beyond that and frame some other memorabilia? Little items from your travels, foreign currency, and the like can be great decorative pieces if you frame them. You can carry all your adventures home with you and create something you can look back on.


There’s virtually no limit to the great things you can have framed. The items you choose and the style of frame you pick can really bring out your personality. If you have your frames made, you’ll have even more freedom to curate how you want to design your space. 

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