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The Ultimate Guide to Framing Your Diplomas and Certificates

Framing diplomas and certificates is an age-old tradition that has been practised for centuries. It serves as a symbol of achievement and accomplishment for individuals who have worked hard to earn their degrees and certifications. However, with so many framing methods available in the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best. From simple frames to elaborate designs, each method has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In this informative article, we will explore the various framing methods available and provide insights on which one is the best for your diploma or certificate. So, let’s delve into the world of framing and discover the perfect method to showcase your achievements!

Traditional Framing

The traditional method of framing diplomas and certificates involves using a wooden frame with a mat board. This method is suitable for people who prefer a classic look. The mat board is used to separate the diploma or certificate from the glass, preventing it from sticking to the glass and causing damage. The mat board also adds a professional touch to the framing.

When choosing a wooden frame, it’s essential to select one that complements the diploma or certificate. For example, if your certificate has a gold seal, consider choosing a frame with gold accents. If you’re unsure which frame to choose, consult with a professional framer.

Modern Framing

Modern framing techniques involve using sleek, minimalistic frames that are often made of metal or acrylic. These frames provide a contemporary look that is perfect for people who prefer a more modern aesthetic. The use of acrylic frames is especially popular because they are lightweight and shatterproof, making them a great option for shipping or hanging in high-traffic areas.

DIY Framing

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, DIY framing may be the way to go. With DIY framing, you can purchase framing supplies and create custom frames for your artwork or photos. This option allows for more creativity and personalization, as you can choose the type of wood, finish, and matting to suit your preferences. DIY framing is also a great option for those with irregularly sized artwork or photos, as you can create a custom frame to fit your specific needs. However, it does require some basic knowledge of framing techniques and tools.

Professional Framing

For those who want a high-quality framing job, professional framing is the way to go. Professional framers have the expertise and equipment to create a beautiful and long-lasting frame for your diploma or certificate. This method is ideal for people who want a frame that will last a lifetime.

When choosing professional custom framing, do your research and read reviews about the company. It’s also essential to discuss the framing options with the framer to ensure you get the frame that best suits your needs.

Unique Framing

For those who want a more unique and personalized framing option, there are many creative framing options available. Some ideas for unique framing include using non-traditional materials such as reclaimed wood or metal, creating a custom mat with a unique design or texture, or using multiple frames to create a collage effect.

Another option is to incorporate memorabilia or other personal items into the frame, such as a small piece of fabric from a graduation gown or a special charm. This type of framing is ideal for people who want a more personalized and creative way to display their diplomas or certificate.


There are many framing methods available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional framing is ideal for those who prefer a classic look, while modern framing is best for those who want a sleek appearance. DIY framing is a more affordable option, while professional framing is for those who want a high-quality job. Whichever framing method you choose, make sure it protects your diploma or certificate from damage and showcases it in the best way possible. Remember, your diploma or certificate represents your hard work and achievements, so it’s essential to display it proudly.

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