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The Art of Picture Framing – Exploring Techniques, Materials and Styles

A beautiful frame does more than simply hold your treasured artwork or photo; it elevates, protects, and enhances your piece, making it a standout feature on your wall. The process of finding the perfect frame, however, can be overwhelming. With a vast array of techniques, materials, and styles to choose from, where do you start?

In this guide, we will explore the various elements involved in the art of picture framing, assisting you in selecting the right framing solution for your needs.

Different Framing Techniques

1. Matting

Matting not only provides additional visual appeal to your framed piece but also serves to protect it by creating a space between the artwork and the glass, preventing condensation, mould, and other potential damages. When selecting a mat, it’s crucial to opt for acid-free materials to ensure the longevity of your piece. Additionally, to create a visually striking piece, consider selecting a mat colour that complements or accentuates a specific colour within the artwork.

2. Glass Choices

The type of glass you choose can greatly impact the overall appearance and preservation of your framed artwork. To avoid glare and reflections, opt for anti-reflective glass, which allows the art to be viewed without distractions. To protect your piece from harmful UV rays that can cause fading, look for UV filtering options. Ideally, invest in a glass that combines both anti-reflection and UV protection properties for the best long-term protection.

3. Mounting Techniques

Proper mounting is essential for keeping your artwork secure within the frame and preserving its condition. Techniques such as hinging or using archival mounting corners allow the artwork to ‘breathe’ and ensure good air circulation. Alternatively, dry mounting can be used for more temporary or decorative pieces, where longevity and conservation are not the primary concerns.

Preservation Techniques

1. Conservation Framing

For valuable or delicate artwork, conservation framing should be your go-to option. This method ensures an archival environment within the frame, using acid-free and lignin-free materials, UV filtering glass, and proper mounting techniques. The aim of conservation framing is to protect your valuable pieces from potential degradation while maintaining their original state.

2. Shadow Box Framing

Creating a sense of depth and visual intrigue, shadow box frames are perfect for showcasing three-dimensional objects such as memorabilia, sports items, or other sentimental pieces. To design a stunning shadow box, consider factors such as background material, object placement, and complementary colours to make your precious mementos truly stand out.

Exploring Frame Materials

1. Wood

Wooden frames offer a timeless appeal and can be incredibly versatile in terms of design, with various types of wood and finish options available. While wood is a popular and aesthetically pleasing choice, it is also prone to moisture absorption, warping, and damage through pests such as termites, so proper care and protection are essential.

2. Metal

For a sleek, modern, and durable option, consider metal frames. Available in various finishes and styles, metal frames offer exceptional strength and longevity. However, keep in mind that some metal frames may not be as eco-friendly, and options such as aluminium can be more costly than wood.

Popular Picture Framing Styles

1. Minimalist/Modern

Sleek and understated, minimalist frames utilise clean lines and simple designs to complement contemporary-style artwork without overpowering it. Common materials for this style include metal or slim wooden frames in neutral tones.

2. Traditional/Classic

Elegant and sophisticated, traditional framing styles often feature ornate details and rich, warm colours. This style is well-suited to classical paintings, antique prints, or any artwork that requires an additional touch of elegance.

3. Rustic

Creating a sense of warmth and charm, rustic frames often utilise materials such as reclaimed wood, natural finishes, and textured accents, making them perfect for rural landscapes, nature photography, or pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia.


Selecting the appropriate framing technique, material, and style for your cherished artwork is a vital step in preserving and showcasing its beauty. By working with a professional framer, you gain access to expert advice, quality materials, and a personalised solution tailored to your specific requirements. Trust the experts at to bring your vision to life and create stunning framed pieces for your home or office.

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