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Tips for Taking Care of and Cleaning Picture Frames Safely

We all have photographs that we consider prized possessions, and the same goes for artwork. An excellent way for them to pop is by using picture frames. You can even go the extra mile and look into custom picture framing. Of course, some picture frames will be fancier than others. Ideally, a picture frame that’s quite expensive should last for a long time. A crucial step in making this happen is to keep the picture frames clean.

What are tips on being able to take care of picture frames safely?

It may seem like common sense to keep picture frames clean to prolong their life. A quick brush with a feather duster should do the trick. That said, the condition and material of a picture frame can drastically change its cleaning needs, especially if you have custom picture frames that require a little more extra care. 

Various cleaning solutions and materials in the market can cater to varying needs. For any residue, a paper towel sprayed with a bit of water is a great way to wipe the frame down, particularly corners and edges. A glass cleaner should be able to handle marks, fingerprints and smudges off the glass.

For Acrylic Frames

These require a bit more of an investment, specifically on cleaning supplies that are acrylic-safe. A lot of cleaning solutions have ammonia, which is bad for these frames. Pay particular attention to what’s in your cleaning materials. That’s because the typical ways of cleaning, including dusting, can damage the glazing. Instead of a paper towel, opt for a soft nylon or polyester towel or cloth made out of microfiber. Make sure the towel is lint-free to avoid leaving unnecessary particles. 

For Metal Frames

Under this category are picture frames made out of silver, gold, and the like. The beautiful sheen and luxurious feel these types of frames give off can disappear without regular cleaning. However, using the wrong cleaning solutions can also cause damage. Usually, dishwashing liquid is gentle enough to do the trick. Frames that are unlacquered pewter or silver-plated will benefit from a silver polish of high quality.

For Wood Frames

Before anything else, it’s important to determine whether the wooden frame in question has some type of finish. Without one, a wet paper towel will suffice for cleaning. However, a wooden frame with a finish will require a polish meant for the maintenance of wooden furniture. 

A small amount of that paired with a soft cloth is the best combination. Note that any cleaning solution with chemicals on unfinished wood will be counterproductive because the frame can get damaged or discoloured this way.


Photos and artworks are prized possessions and, in some cases, are downright priceless. Keeping them in a picture frame is a great way to preserve them for years. Cleaning picture frames depends on what material they’re made of, like using microfiber for acrylics, wiping with dishwashing liquid solution for metals, and a wet paper towel or special polish for wood.

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