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How to Style a Small Space Using Custom Picture Frames

Living in a small space can sometimes make you rethink adding new things to the mix. However, that doesn’t mean you can only live in a plain and boring space. The trick is to style your home without making it look more cluttered. And one way you can do so is with picture frames.

You Don’t Have to Use Up Your Whole Wall

One thing you may have noticed when you visit friends who live in small spaces is they tend to use every bit of space they can get. People tend to hang things from the ceiling and from the wall. And that makes sense because hanging is a very easy way to decorate your home.

However, hanging things on the walls of your small home can take up a lot of space. Instead, you can hang a few picture frames on your wall and include some family photos. This way, you can still decorate your home without using up all your wall space.

Keep Your Gallery Wall Simple and Stick to a Theme

Another simple way to style your small home is by creating a gallery wall. This is where you hang a bunch of picture frames on a wall and style them to all match or look good together. You don’t want to use a bunch of picture frames that all look different. You want them to all go together in some way.

Some ways you can do this is by using the same type of frame or using frames that are the same colour scheme. Another thing you can do is include photos that all go together. For example, you can include photos of your family, friends or your hometown. Another thing you can do is include some of your favourite things, such as your favourite movie, book or TV show.

Don’t Put Pictures Too Close to Each Other

One thing you want to avoid is putting your picture frames too close together. This is because it makes the space look even smaller than it is. But when you make the spaces between frames larger, it can make your space look bigger.

You can also make a space bigger by making your frames look like they’re too big for your wall. You can do this by using a large picture frame even though the photo you’re using is smaller. Some larger frames to check out include a rustic gallery frame or a simple shadow box frame.

Use Open Shelving to Display Your Picture Frames

Clutter can be a problem in a small space. One way to avoid clutter on the floor is using open shelving. This is where you hang your picture frames on the wall and use open shelving below them to store your books and other items. This way, your picture frames can be seen, and you’re not cluttering up your space with a bunch of things on the floor.

Final Thoughts

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it beautifully. You just have to make smart choices about how to style your space. And picture frames are a great way to do that. They can allow you to style your home without making it look more cluttered. So next time you’re looking to style your small home, consider using picture frames.

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