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Sport Memorabilia Framing: Display and Preserve Your Passion with Expert Care

Sports enthusiasts and collectors alike can attest to the significant value – both monetary and sentimental – that sports memorabilia holds. These prized pieces evoke passion, nostalgia, and admiration for the incredible achievements and triumphs in the world of sports. At Picture Framing, we share your appreciation for sports memorabilia and dedicate ourselves to expertly framing and preserving your cherished collection.

Through this in-depth article, we will guide you through the intricacies of sports memorabilia framing, offering insights into the most effective and aesthetically pleasing framing techniques for a variety of collectible items, such as jerseys, autographs, tickets, and medals. Our Newtown-based framing experts will provide valuable tips on proper material selection, conservation methods, and display options, ensuring that your sports memorabilia receives the attention and care it deserves. Furthermore, we will inspire you to combine your love for sports with your love for art by creating innovative and striking displays that pay tribute to your favourite teams, athletes, and moments.

1. Framing Jerseys: Showcasing Your Fandom with Style and Quality

Framing sports jerseys allows you to proudly display and protect your cherished team apparel. Follow these expert tips for expertly framing your sports jerseys:

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure your jersey is securely mounted on an acid-free backing board to prevent shifting within the frame and potential damage to the fabric.
  • Custom Matting: Consider using custom-cut matting to accentuate your jersey’s design and colours, drawing attention to the most iconic or meaningful elements.
  • Space and Protection: Use a sturdy frame or shadow box that provides ample space for the jersey and employs UV-protective glazing to guard against fading or environmental damage.

2. Autographs and Signed Memorabilia: A Testament to Sporting Legends

Autographed memorabilia is a treasured heirloom for any sports enthusiast. Ensure the longevity of these precious items and celebrate their significance with these framing suggestions:

  • Float Mounting: Utilise float mounting techniques to allow autographed items, such as balls or gloves, to appear suspended within the frame, preserving their original appearance and shape.
  • Conservation Framing: Employ acid-free materials and UV-protective glazing in the framing process to preserve the autographs, safeguarding their value and integrity for years to come.
  • Individual or Group Displays: Display autographed items individually or as part of a group to showcase their unique significance or to create a thematic collection that highlights your favourite athlete or team.

3. Tickets, Programs, and Other Ephemera: A Chronicle of Sporting Memories

Framing items like tickets and event programs preserve the tangible memories of your sporting experiences. Explore creative ways to display these mementos with these framing ideas:

  • Collage Frames: Assemble a collage-style frame that combines various items from a sporting event, such as tickets, programs, and photographs, creating a multidimensional and engaging display.
  • Layout and Matting: Use custom-cut mat openings or multiple aperture frames to showcase ephemera alongside other memorabilia, building a captivating narrative of your sports journey.
  • Frame Style Compatibility: Select a frame style and colour that complements the design of your ephemera, creating a harmonious presentation that showcases your collection.

4. Framing Medals and Awards: Honouring Athletic Achievements

Medals and awards are tangible representations of dedication and accomplishment in the world of sports. Frame these symbols of achievement with the following tips and ideas:

  • Custom Designed Frames: Collaborate with our Newtown-based framers to design custom frames that accentuate and secure your medals or awards, showcasing their significance and beauty.
  • Velvet or Linen Backing: Opt for luxurious velvet or linen background materials to elevate the presentation of your framed medals and awards, highlighting their prestigious nature.
  • Combining Elements: Frame your medals or awards alongside photographs, certificates, or other memorabilia, creating a comprehensive and engaging tribute to your athletic achievements.


Your sports memorabilia collection is a valuable and cherished reflection of your passion, memories, and love for the world of sports. Trust the specialists at Picture Framing to expertly preserve, display, and celebrate the items that hold great significance to you and your athletic journey. From jerseys and autographs to ephemera and awards, we are committed to providing high-quality framing solutions that protect your collection and showcase its unique story.

Your memories are priceless, and they deserve to be preserved and displayed in a way that showcases their true beauty. At Picture Framing, we have been helping customers preserve their cherished memories for years. We offer a wide range of quality custom picture frames in Sydney to suit every style and budget, so you can rest assured that your dream framed piece is within reach. Don’t settle for a generic frame that doesn’t do justice to your precious memories. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you bring your vision to life.