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Should You Space Your Picture Frames Evenly or Unevenly?

Picture frames have been decorating walls for ages. And even today, gallery walls are quite popular. But the problem when creating a gallery wall is knowing how to properly space them. Now, there are two ways to space your frames: evenly or unevenly. And both have their own charm. But how will you know which style to choose for your wall?

When to Space Picture Frames Evenly

Evenly spaced picture frames provide a clean and balanced look. So, they can be ideal for spaces with a minimalist aesthetic. An evenly spaced gallery wall also looks great in a more professional setting. While picture frames often contain personal photos, you can still display all sorts of things in them. In a business setting, you can have an evenly spaced gallery wall with framed paintings and other types of art. 

When to Space Picture Frames Unevenly

While evenly spacing out your picture frames is the default way to put up a gallery wall, you can still venture out into something different. With uneven spacing, you can be a little more creative about the layout. This does not necessarily mean an invitation to be chaotic. But rather, it allows you to mess around with the order to see what works best for your space.

For this reason, unevenly spacing your picture frames will work better in a more artistic environment. Find a place in your home where you feel your unevenly spaced gallery wall will work out best. It can also be a great idea if you own a cafe or restaurant that customers can take a picture in front of to post on Instagram.

How to Space Your Picture Frames

Spacing Picture Frames Evenly

The key to having evenly spaced picture frames is being consistent with the frames. This means choosing the same style of frames. You can have different sizes as long as they all have the same shape and style. And if you will be working with different sizes, you have to order them in such a way that the look is still balanced. 

Now that you’ve chosen your frames, it’s time to bring out a ruler and measure things out. First, determine the amount of space your frames will consume. Will it take up most of the wall or just a section of it? Next, take a look at the number of frames you will be putting up and divide them evenly into groups. 

This will be easier if you have the same size of frames. However, if you’re dealing with two or three sizes, you need to devise a layout that works. For example, if you have one big frame and a few smaller ones, you can place the big one in the middle with the smaller frames on each side. Or you could have the frames grouped together according to size. 

Just make sure the edges align and that the spaces are even. To do this, you need to find the centre of the space you’re going to use and create a vertical line along it. You can use a laser or mark it lightly with a pencil. If the row has an odd number of frames, the middle frame should be hung along the vertical line. And then work your way from the middle outward. However, if you have an even row, use the line to ensure symmetry in spacing.

Spacing Picture Frames Unevenly

Creating a layout for uneven spacing can be a little tricky, but the key is to play around with different designs before permanently marking the walls with nails. To do this, trace each frame you have on a piece of paper and then cut the shape out. You can then play around with these paper shapes to get the right layout. Once you’ve finalized that, stick them to the wall and use them as a guide for spacing the actual frames.

Final Thoughts

The key to getting an aesthetically pleasing gallery wall is getting the spacing right. First, determine whether an even or uneven spacing works best for your space. And from this, you can form a layout that will best display your picture frames. 

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