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Different Things You Can Show Off through Custom Framing

Have you always been fond of hanging things on the wall and displaying them for your family and friends to see? 

You may have said goodbye to sticking things to the wall using command strips after leaving school. But now that you’re an adult, Using a personalised photo framed at work to decorate your home is a great way to display your uniqueness without having to paint every wall. 

The suggestions below might inspire you to start a custom-framing project of your own!

Framing Valuable Jersey

You may have more sports memorabilia than you can ever wear as a die-hard sports lover. What are your plans for that specific jersey you’ve been eyeing for a long time? Of course, get it professionally framed and hung! That way, whenever you’re daydreaming, you may remember that once-in-a-lifetime match.

Displaying Souvenirs

You may enjoy gathering souvenirs from your trips, but there is a limit to how many magnets you can purchase before your refrigerator becomes overcrowded. Memories don’t end just because there’s no more space. Well, you can always convert your mementoes into pieces of art by framing them in bespoke frames!

Highlighting Family Mementos

If you just have one of your great-grandmother’s quilts left, framing it on your wall is a terrific method to preserve it. Framing and hanging it keeps it out of the reach of any clumsy hands, whether adult or child.

Displaying Diplomas

Graduating is a major accomplishment, but once we step over that platform and are applauded by everyone, you can file your diplomas away, only to be seen during job interview season.

Why not display your diploma to remind yourself of all those hard library days? When you’re feeling down, it might be a wonderful boost. A huge success hidden in plain sight makes room for much more in the future.

Framing Maps

When was the last time you had to use physical maps? Thanks to Google and other apps, finding your way in the world no longer requires a printed map and a compass. 

Maps are still lovely and useful for storing memories. You can get a map of your hometown framed with a little star to mark essential parts of your youth.

Keeping Completed Puzzles

Some people are only interested in jigsaw puzzles. They can tune out the rest of the world while still locating all of the corners. When you’ve just finished a difficult puzzle, it can be difficult to put it back in the box. Instead, getting it custom framed will give you new decor and remind you of the fun time you had assembling it.

Showcasing Comic Books

Whether you’re an adult Spider-Man fan or a kid who enjoys getting immersed in vibrant comic book worlds, your wonderful comic book covers should be seen on the wall.

You can take out your favourite comic book and mount it on a beautiful custom mount and frame worthy of the pleasure you get from reading. The greatest way to remember getting that particular autograph at a convention is to custom frame a comic book.


Now it’s your chance to think outside the box and explore some of the unique things you could frame instead of that same old department store print. It would be wonderful if you could find a framing company with a full range of picture framing services to assist with your exact specifications.

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