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How to Select the Perfect Frame for Your Pictures and Paintings

Framing is more than simply a way to display your artwork or pictures on the wall. With a bit of planning, you can choose the perfect picture frame for your artwork while also enhancing your home’s décor.

Creating the ideal bespoke frame requires consideration of various aspects, many of which might be daunting. You may choose from a wide range of frame types, colours, and forms for ordering your frames. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect picture frame for your artwork, here are some suggestions to help you:

Choose the Right Frame

  • Genuine Wood

Wood has long been a popular choice for image framing, which comes in various textures and hues. Wood can also be painted or stained to match different décor styles and personal photos. Choosing wood allows for future carving embellishments and other unique characteristics that might enhance the presentation.

Bamboo picture frames are also a unique alternative that may add a rustic feel to a photo and environment. Bamboo is a versatile material that may seem tropical, urban or “upcycled”, depending on the colour and pattern. Bamboo is an excellent option for a unique, youthful, or playful appearance.

  • Metal

Metal frames can be customized in shape and size. They may give an image or artwork a modern feel. In addition to highlighting an image, narrow metal frames may also be used to frame it subtly. 

The metal frame is easily repairable. If any frame component breaks, it may be easily changed without affecting the rest of the frame. With a few simple steps and expert help, you can find the ideal frame to highlight the unique features of your prized artwork.

Colour and Texture Should Be Highlighted

You may choose your frame colour in various ways, depending on whether you want to highlight a detail in your artwork to match your interior design style. 

When designing your frame, remember to trust your instincts, especially when it comes to colour. After all, you’ll be the one showing it off! Here are strategies to selecting a colour for your bespoke frame:

  • Select a Color from the Image

Choosing a frame colour that matches the colour of your artwork or photo is always a safe bet that will emphasize a particular hue and offer the display a sense of consistency.

Depending on your preferences, the colours of the piece can either be brightened or muted with your framing choices. Choosing a frame that complements the painting’s primary colour palette will give it more artistic substance. 

Choosing a frame colour that suits a painting’s hues can draw attention to a painting’s or picture’s colour theme. Making your images pop will help draw the viewer’s attention to the frame.

Highlight Focal Points and Complement Surroundings

One of the greatest ways to choose the correct frame is to identify the piece’s essential features. The work’s main point of emphasis? Dark, hefty frames can assist highlight deep tones or muted themes.

Light frames, on the other hand, highlight softer lines and contrasts. Ultimately, a superb frame keeps the audience’s attention on the work’s core themes. Choosing the appropriate frame also involves deciding where to show the artwork. If it is hung on the wall, select a frame that matches the artwork’s size, colour, and texture.

If you are unclear of the ultimate location, use a frame that may complement a variety of settings while showcasing the work’s essential qualities.


Shopping around in-store is the most effective method of locating the ideal frame. This guide has been made to help you out, but should things prove to be tricky, ask the help of specialists. 

You can also bring the art or photo with you as you shop, but frame professionals can then help you narrow down your choices to your favourites. They may even create a bespoke frame for your piece that will perfectly complement your artwork.

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