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4 Reasons It’s a Good Idea to Have Framed Pieces Reframed

When was the last time you thought about the art on your walls? Perhaps, it’s time to reframe them? It’s only natural to leave pieces of art on the wall alone when they’re framed and installed, but eventually, you might notice that they’re looking a bit old or worn down, and this is the perfect time to reframe it. Here are the other reasons you should consider reframing old art and photos in your house: 

1. Keep Up with the Changing Times

The existing frame of your photo may have looked good when you purchased it, but it may already be out of style today. If you have repainted the area and had new pieces of furniture installed, your existing frame may no longer go well with these new additions. 

Your personal preferences may have changed over time as well, which makes it a good idea to reframe your artwork and photographs. The good thing is that a simple reframing can revitalise the piece, art or photograph that feels tired or dated. 

2. Check Up on the Condition of the Art

If you own an old piece of original artwork or even an old photo, checking up on it from time to time is crucial. Doing so will help you see anything that could turn into a huge problem in the future. 

Furthermore, you can use this opportunity to reframe the piece of art or photo and have it checked by a professional. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a framer look behind the dust cover once every 10 years or so to keep your art in good condition. 

3. Clean Up

For art pieces or photographs that are in the basement, attic or humid areas, or even framed pieces that haven’t gotten a good dusting, these can be reasons for you to have them re-framed or refitted. 

Dust and other elements can build up behind the glass that can compromise the look of the artwork. A framer can take the glass off, clean it and give it a good rubdown and put everything back together with a new dust cover. This will give what once was a dirty old frame a whole new life. If you think about it, having this done is cheaper than buying a new piece of artwork. 

4. Boost Safety

Frames are glass and heavy, which means they can shatter. Therefore, they need to be treated well, or they can turn into a safety hazard. You don’t want it to turn into a safety hazard, especially if you have kids or pets at home! 

There are times when you need to re-frame artworks and photographs for safety. Your framer can help you choose the right frame that guarantees safety and security for many years to come. 


Reframing your artworks and photographs at home is a good idea whether you want to change up its style or for safety purposes. Every now and then, check up on those framed pieces you have in your home and see what you can do to make them look better and safer. 

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