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3 Reasons You Should Have Your Art Frames Customised

You’ve probably thought of framing your artwork, but you always ended up with low-quality picture frames that never quite got the look that you wanted. If that rings true, perhaps customisation is what you need. 

Custom art frames can capture the essence of any object or art piece that you want to be framed. There’s a reason why professional framers are the go-to of art savants, and that’s because they create just the perfect bespoke frames. 

If you’re still not convinced by that, here are more reasons you should get your picture frames customised:

  • Experience and Expertise

Customised frames are an art form, to say the least. Professional framers undergo training to develop an artistic eye and spend years building their expertise. Professional framers know the right look, frame and material for a particular piece of artwork that you want to be framed. So if you’re unsure about what to use, they can help you.

Moreover, you should know that different art pieces require different art frames. Aside from the appearance and size, the material of the frame also matters if you want to preserve particular artwork. For instance, small and delicate embroidery pieces will match specific displays, while oil paintings will need additional specifications to preserve them.

Heavy art pieces also need sturdy frames that can support their bulk and weight. Professional framers know just the correct specifications for these pieces and create custom frames for uniquely shaped pieces. For the latter, conventional frames do not fit, and so expert help is always needed,

  • High-Quality Artistry

Fine art requires proper framing, which is only possible with high-quality artistry. Furthermore, framing art isn’t enough. You should also protect it from ultraviolet rays that can destroy its material or the quality of the paint. Professionals create specialised glass or acrylic covers for art pieces that require this protection from the sun. Harmful UV rays can potentially fade pigments and other irreparable damage to paintings. Moreover, the interior of the entire frame must be totally dry to protect the piece from moulding, dust and other contaminants. 

The backing of every frame should also be customised to protect delicate pictures and art pieces. Conventional backing has low pH that is acidic and isn’t enough to preserve highly valued works. Acidic materials can dissolve the molecules on the paper or in the canvas, breaking apart an art piece. 

  • Protection

Most people think that frames are there for display, but their primary purpose is actually protection. Art pieces fade over time, and they display a yellow tinge. Aside from harmful UV rays, even natural light can also damage artwork. That is why materials used for customised frames are meant to protect the art for longer. 

High-grade mattings and acid-free materials are used to protect the artwork and maintain its immaculate condition for years. Moreover, bespoke frames add both values to the art piece and the place where it is hung. 


Customised frames are your best choice if you want to display your art in total elegance while adequately supporting and protecting it against contaminants. Professional framers will also advise you on the best materials for different art pieces to ensure that each is treated with utmost care.

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