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5 Reasons to Gift Custom Picture Frames this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to give your loved ones if you’re looking for something unique that they can keep forever, consider giving custom picture frames this holiday season.

Here are five reasons why custom picture frames make the perfect gift for anyone on your list:

1) They’re Easy to Give and Easy to Use

When everything else you give is just a box or a bag, it can get old. But when you gift someone a custom picture frame, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gift and want to use it immediately. It’s easy for them to display their favourite memories in one place they can see daily.

Choosing the frame is simple, too. You can choose from dozens of different styles and colours to find the perfect one for your loved ones. It’s also easy to upload their favourite photo and add any text or graphics.

2) They’re Timeless

The beauty of custom picture frames is that they’ll always be relevant because they can be decorated with any photo or artwork. Whether it’s an engagement photo, wedding portrait, baby picture or family picture — they’ll never go out of style.

When you give someone a custom frame, you provide them with a gift that will last forever. They’ll be able to display it in their home for years to come, and it makes the perfect keepsake.

3) Customisation Options Are Endless

You can choose from a wide range of sizes, materials and shapes when designing your custom picture frame. From classic black or white to bold colours like red and blue, from traditional wood frames to modern metal ones — there’s something for everyone! And if you want something more unique than just plain old pictures, try adding some decorative touches like ribbons, charms or rhinestones.

You can bring your artwork to Picture Framing, and we’ll help you pick the best material and design for your custom picture frame.

4) They Can Be Made to Match Any Occasion

Custom picture frames are not only for the holiday seasons but can also be used to commemorate other important occasions. If you’re planning a baby shower or birthday party, you can have custom picture frames made with the guest of honour’s name and date of birth on them. Or, if you’re planning a wedding or anniversary celebration, consider getting custom frames with your name and wedding date printed on them.

5) Custom Picture Frames Are Practical

Custom picture frames may not be as fancy as designer bags, but they hold more value than price. And, when it comes to something as precious as your memories and photos, you can never go wrong with doing what is practical.

These frames can be hung on the wall, so they can be used to display photos of you and your loved ones at all times. They’re also easy to move around when you want to redecorate, so they will stay in the way of your home decorating plans.


Custom picture frames are the perfect gift for anyone. They’re easy to customise, can be made in almost any size or shape, and can be personalised with photographs of your loved ones. You’ll find that custom picture frames make a lasting impression on anyone who receives them as a gift.

For a holiday gift that is as unique as you are, Picture Framing has you covered. We offer custom picture frames as a service so you can give a present that’s as lovely as the recipient. Order now!