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Reasons to Choose Custom Frames Rather than Ready-Made

A thousand times a day, customers walk into our frame store and ask, “Why should I get my painting custom-framed instead of buying a ready-made frame from a department store?” The reasons are many. This article will showcase the different benefits of custom frames.

Reasons to Choose Custom Frames Rather than Ready-Made

1 – Higher Quality Frames

The majority of frames found at department stores are made of wood composite, which cannot be stained, gilded or refinished (unless the frame itself is replaced). Custom frames are made of wood or metal and are stained, gilded or refinished to match your original artwork. Since custom frames are made to order, they can be made to fit whatever size you require. This can be especially important when hanging art between two pieces of furniture in a stairwell or hallway. With more specific measurements, it is easier to ensure that your artwork hangs straight and is not crooked.

2 – Custom Frames Can Embellish Your Artwork

Ready-made frames are the same frame used to display a dozen other pieces of artwork. The frame you want may not even be available in the store. Whether you are looking for a French Mount, Black-Edge, a Recessed Frame, or another custom frame style, we will make a frame to perfectly compliment your artwork.

3 – They Protect from Acid Damage

Acid damage can occur when the artwork and frame come in contact with each other. We have all seen the brown spots on a painting due to this type of damage. If you have your artwork custom framed, it will have a space between the artwork and the frame. This prevents acid damage from occurring.

4 – They Are Made to Last

Ready-made frames are made in a few sizes to fit a certain percentage of artwork. These frames are not created to last a lifetime. The materials they are made of are not meant to be refinished. They are not stained, gilded or refinished to match your artwork. Custom frames are made of wood or metal and can be refinished as needed.

5 – They Can Be Made to Match Your Home Decor

Ready-made frames are a “one size fits all” frame. If your artwork is displayed in your living room, dining room or family room, don’t you want it to match the decor? Custom frames can be created in any style, colour or material you desire. You can even have them textured or embossed to match your existing artwork or frame.

6 – They Can Be Monogrammed

Ready-made frames can only be imprinted with the artist’s name. We can imprint your name, your family’s name or a corporate logo on the custom frame so that you can customize it to fit your needs.


It is easy to see that there are many advantages to having your artwork custom framed. The saying, “you get what you pay for”, is especially true with your artwork. If you want your artwork to last for generations, then take the time to choose a frame that is made to last. When it comes to your artwork, quality is the most important factor. A custom frame is one investment that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking for custom picture frames, come to Picture Framing. Based at Newtown, we have framed the memories of many customers over the years. Offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products, we can help you achieve your dream framed piece.