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7 Ways to Preserve and Maintain Your Wedding Flowers

Brides put a lot of effort into picking their wedding bouquet. Thankfully, there are several ways they can be preserved to commemorate your special day.  

Here are some ideas for preserving your favourite wedding flowers and keeping them as a floral memento from your big day.

1. Submerge in Silica Gel

Silica gel is porous sand that absorbs water and dries flowers in one to seven days. It guarantees your flowers look just as they did on your wedding day. 

Prepare a silica gel foundation, sand the flowers and pour the silica gel around the petals, taking care not to bend them. Fill the container all the way to the top and secure it with tape. Non-sealed containers cause mould on flowers.

Silica gel keeps the bloom’s colour vibrant. After a week, remove the flowers and spray them with artist fixative or hairspray.

2. Heat in the Microwave to Dry

Microwave and silica gel can also be used to dry flowers. The gel keeps the flowers’ shape and is reusable. Microwave drying works well for Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, roses and tulips. Colour and structure are better preserved than air drying.

3. Submerge in Resin

Clear epoxy resin may also preserve flowers. Buy a mould in the shape of a sphere or a cube to manufacture a resin paperweight. Add epoxy glue halfway and arrange the flowers. Fill it up and dry it. You’ll have a lovely addition to your bridal bouquet for years.

4. Air-Dry Flowers Upside Down

Another alternative is to air-dry your wedding bouquet. Cut off any tape or knots. A cold, dark place like an old hallway closet is ideal for drying the stems individually rather than clumping them together. Dry them for a week or longer, then enjoy them in a vase or wreath.

5. Blossom Press

To press your bridal bouquet flowers, lay them out on clean wax paper so they remove quickly after pressing. Arrange them now because you won’t be able to change them once they’re dried and pressed.

Use a hefty book like a phonebook or textbook with wax paper to press the flowers. Close the book and protect the flowers with wax paper, weighing it down with a vase or more books. If you don’t have a book, the wax paper-flower sandwich can be layered. After seven to ten days of drying, you can arrange and frame them as you like.

6. Use Sand 

Fine sand can be used to preserve flowers in the same way as silica gel. Because sand is heavy, this preservation technique is only suitable for tough flowers and foliage.

Fill a sturdy box with a half-inch layer of sand and arrange the flowers, leaves and stems on the beach. Pour sand slowly around, under and over each portion of the bloom until it is fully coated. Allow the flowers to dry for two weeks before removing the sand.

7. Preserve with Wax

It won’t keep your flowers fresh forever, but preserving them with wax can extend their life by six months. Waxed flowers retain their colour and form better than dried flowers since you don’t need to cut them short.


There are many ways to preserve your wedding bouquet, and whichever method you pick, you’ll be able to protect something valuable to you. After drying your blooms, have a professional frame them for you. 

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