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Prepare Your Art for a Gallery Show with the Right Frame

A lot of thought is put into a frame before a masterpiece is finalised in a frame. The frame enhances the piece of art. If you’re framing your art for a gallery show, then read on to find out more. 

Use Quality Materials

Invest in quality frame material, and stick to neutral frames, like white, black or grey. Sticking to neutral frames can make art pieces look more expensive and beautiful. How your art is presented out there will enhance the piece. On the other hand, if you choose subpar materials and stray away from neutral colours, the frame may distract viewers from the art itself; and that’s something you don’t want to happen. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with New Trends

Now, we’re not saying you should be extremely bold when it comes to art framing. Lately, white frames are becoming more popular in galleries because they are crisp and clean. Experiment with new trends and see how they will look with your art. 

Remember that wood frames will always add warmth to your art, while metal can give it a more modern touch. 

Consider the Mat Board

The mat board can draw the eye and create the mood of your art. You can choose a white mat if you want your piece to look bigger and lighter. On the other hand, if you want the art to appear smaller and denser, then a black mat board will do. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that some art pieces may work best with a float matting technique. It will make the artwork seem to float a bit above the mat. With this, the mat is placed on the bottom with a smaller piece of foam mat mounted to the mat. And then, the artwork sits on top of the foam mat. This type of technique will give more drama and space to the art. 

Choose the Right Glass

The glass of the frame is another important factor to consider. It will help protect your art from dust and damage. Fortunately, there are different types of glass available today. Choose a type of glass that will also protect your art from UV rays. 

Hang It Right

When you have the perfect frame, you need to hang it well. You need to plot out the display and don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. Have someone hold the piece while you look at it from different angles. When in doubt, hang low; in this case, the artwork will relate more to the architecture or furniture pieces. 


With so many frames to choose from, it can be so overwhelming. That’s why it’s crucial you let the art lead. For example, if your painting is green, it usually looks glowing when you use a gold frame for it. 

Framing art is an investment because it takes extra time, money and supplies to prepare your pieces for their debut in an art gallery. When you have the perfect frame for your art, then you’re ready for the world to see your work! 

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