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5 Picture Framing Issues You Probably Didn’t Know About

There is no home without several framed photos. Framed photos make a house feel like home. However, you might be surprised that what seems like a straightforward task may prove to be difficult for some. Here are some of the most common picture framing problems: 

Not Knowing Which Size to Get

You might not realize you can encounter a sizing problem until you’re at the framer’s and you’re asked what size to get. It can be too overwhelming with the many sizes available, especially if you haven’t given it much thought. 

When you go to a photo framing company, the most common questions you’ll be asked are about the size of the frame and the mat board size. Therefore, it’s best you think about this before you head to the store; or, you can ask our experts here at Picture Framing to help you find the right size for your photo or artwork. 

Prints Don’t Stay in Place in the Frame

So, you finally have your framed print, and you can’t wait to hang it in your home, until you realize the print keeps sliding around inside. What do you do? 

This is one of the most common problems many people encounter. What keeps things together is to mount the print to the backing board. There are several mounting methods you can try, so explore your options and see what works best for you.

Mat Board Smudges

So, you got smudges on the mat board, huh? Don’t worry; there’s a way to solve this. You can use a kneaded eraser or a white vinyl eraser to erase the marks—but do this gently. You can also use a document cleaner or alcohol. Some stain removers, such as K2R, works as well.

Hanging a Picture Frame

Again, hanging a picture frame seems like the easiest thing in the world. It’s a no-brainer—until you don’t know where and how to hang it. Remember, before you get to hang a frame on the wall, you need to know the right materials to use on your wall. 

Another thing is, there really is no right or wrong area on your wall where you can hang it, but there are tips to help you find the right spot to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

If you don’t want to drill a hole in your wall, you can buy hooks that you can attach to your wall with an adhesive instead. 

Crooked Frame

Crooked frames are common, and the good thing? They’re easily fixed! Usually, all you need to do is remove the center nail and use two nails instead, and make sure they’re spaced away from each other. 

You should also use wall bumpers on each corner of the backside of the frame. These bumpers will ensure the frame won’t bang against the wall and will prevent the frame from sliding around. 


Having your photos framed may seem easy, but these common problems say otherwise. It requires careful planning to ensure you are getting the right frame for your print at the right place in your house. 

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