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3 Photo Arrangement Ideas to Refresh Your Home Space

Everyone needs a little bit of change in their lives, especially within their homes! You spend most of your time inside your home, so it must be an efficient place to work and an enjoyable place to live. If you’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps, perhaps you need to restyle your space to transform it into a place that exudes comfort, peace, and joy!

Your Wall Matters

Aside from furniture, lighting, and colour scheme, the wall is among the most important elements to consider when it comes to changing up the interior design of your space. Having a bare wall makes you feel precisely that, empty. This is why the wall—or the art and photos you put up, rather—has the power to pull the area together and make it feel complete. Add a bit of colour and life to your space by adding some wall art or hanging your favourite photos!

Decorating the Wall with Photos

Placing pictures on your wall is a great way to add life to the whole room. Your lifeless, bare wall can become dynamic; photos can add depth to the entire room and reinforce a formal or casual room design. 

Before you go to a framing store near you and start hanging pictures, you should first decide what type of photos to include on your wall. Keep in mind that you can’t hang too many photos, but you also can’t include too few of them—the key is balance! In choosing the images to hang on your wall, you must consider the following factors:

  • The number of windows and doors and where they are placed
  • How the pictures would blend in with the furnishings in the room
  • The architectural features on adjacent walls and how they break up wall space

Arranging Your Photos

Once you’ve decided which photos to include in your wall decor and where to place them, it’s now time to determine how you should arrange them. Arranging the pictures is one of the fundamentals of framed art and picture hanging, as you should know how to place your photos so that they are displayed in the best possible way.


The grid is the simplest and easiest way of filling the wall, which creates a modern, strong focal point. Consider grouping the photos as one piece and centre it over the furniture. The images must be balanced from left to right and top to bottom and should be approximately two inches apart from each other.

Mixed Grid

This arrangement provides a feeling of movement with symmetry and leaves enough room so that you can add more photos to the arrangement over time. All you need is two frame sizes to create this pattern—simply align the frames to a horizontal or vertical axis.


Remember that not everything has to be so uniform and symmetrical all the time—it’s fun to mix sizes and styles, too! An eclectic photo arrangement creates a unique look for any space, either big or small. You can use custom picture frames of different materials, colours or styles, as long as the images look similar, to give a more cohesive look.


At this point, you now know that decorating your home’s wall can refresh and transform any space! Enhance the interior of your room by beautifying your wall—apply a fresh coat of paint and put up beautiful photos. Work with an interior designer and a frame store near you to help you create the look you’ve been striving for!

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