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Our Guide to the Best Way of Framing Your Diploma

There’s no greater feeling knowing that everything you worked hard for was worth it. Few people may be familiar with the feeling of reaching the peak of a mountain that’s impossible to climb, but receiving your diploma is pretty close! After years of blood, sweat, and tears, you’re finally at the pinnacle—you’ve made it.

The Significance of a Diploma

Who knew that a piece of paper could evoke such profound feelings? Like your cherished photos, a diploma symbolises some of the hardest and happiest times of your life—your entire childhood and teenage years encapsulated in a single piece of paper with only a few words written down on it.

You can only have a few diplomas in life, so you must protect it so that it lasts and retains its quality as you enter the new phase of your life. Placing your certificate in a nice holder may do the trick of keeping it clean and wrinkle-free, but who wants to store a token of their achievement away, to gather dust and be forgotten?

If you prefer displaying your diploma for everyone to see but want to keep it protected from potentially damaging environmental elements, we recommend framing it.

On Framing Your Diploma

Framing a diploma may seem over the top for some, as hanging a graduation photo on the wall usually conveys the same message? But, what’s wrong with being proud of what you’ve achieved? Who cares if you want to frame your graduation photo next to your diploma?

Here are a few tips on how best to frame your diploma:

  • Consider Your Degree

Of course, the design of your frame will depend on your preferences, but you probably won’t want to have an overly colourful or bold frame that takes away from your diploma, would you?

If you want the classic look, you can opt for a black finish with some intricate detailing or undertones in its finish. School colours may also be a good choice, but you may want to consider whether they complement each other or don’t look good together. Depending on your school colours, you might want to have a custom picture frame with the school colours as the smaller accents instead.

  • Select the Right Frame Type

The type of frame is also crucial! When it comes to framing diplomas, we don’t recommend dry mounting them, as the pressure in the press can crush the signatures, embossed seals, and other additions to the certificate. Although dark mats provide a rich and dramatic feel, they tend to enhance reflections under glass. 

If your diploma is printed on parchment, do not listen to the instructions for wet mounting since the process is permanent and has a high risk of damaging your certificate. 


A diploma represents the culmination of all the hard work you’ve done to earn it, so it makes perfect sense that you want to display it in your home. However, before you get too excited and go to a frame store near you, make sure to follow our tips above. Once you’re well-informed on how to frame your diploma, you’ll be able to hang it on your wall for all to see!

If you’re thinking of investing in custom framing near you for your diploma, you’ve come to the right place! As one of Newtown’s best frame stores, we at Picture Framing can help you achieve your dream framed piece by offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products. Connect with us today to get started!