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Mounting a Masterpiece: A Guide to Framing Your Art

Pictures are worth a thousand words. There’s nothing more satisfying than hanging your masterpiece on the wall for others to see. Whether you picked up a new print, portrait, or flex picture-perfect memories, a well-designed frame can reveal how you display your most outstanding work. 

Most artists frame their paintings to preserve their quality and protect them from damage. But with a vast choice of frames, finding the ideal size for your artwork can be tricky. Today we put together a guide to framing your art.

1. Identify the Right Frame Size

Before framing your art, the most crucial thing to consider is your frame size: Does your art conform to a readily available size, or do you need a customised frame? 

The right size can significantly affect your artwork’s overall look and feel while protecting it from damage. You can pick from the standard dimensions or find more unique measurements. 

Most department stores sell standard-sized frames that may be too big or too small for your art, while framing companies can customise them according to your artwork’s dimension. 

2. Consider Your Print’s Measurements

When framing your artwork, it’s crucial to consider your print’s size. All images don’t have equal dimensions. A small print may get lost in a large frame, while larger prints overwhelm a small frame. 

You can quickly determine the other sizes from the A-sized papers by folding them in half to get the A1 and A2 measurements. The same goes for identifying the B and C-sized papers.

3. Start Framing! 

The last thing you need to pull this off is a mat board, which you can buy from your local art store. After purchasing your board and preparing your frame, it’s time to mount it on the wall! 

First, you must cut the mat board slightly smaller than the work you want to frame. Next, attach strips of double-sided tape. We recommend buying high-quality tape if you want something easy to remove when there are wonky alignments. 

Finally, mount the print and mat board onto a larger piece of board. Measure where you want to position your print and mark guides with easy remove painters’ tape, and voila! Pop it onto the frame like any other picture. 

Why Should You Frame Your Art?

As artists, we want our works’ qualities to look as good as the first day, even after 50 years. For one, artworks are vulnerable to moisture damage due to moisture absorption on paper. Water damage to your artwork can cause mould growth and paper warp, which can break down the paper’s acids and affect your art.

Fortunately, proper framing can help it last a lifetime. With the appropriate acid-free materials, the frame provides efficient protection against fluctuating temperatures and harmful UV rays. 

The Photo Finish

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your artwork framed on the wall. It serves as a portal to your imagination. Proper art framing can protect your work from damage and preserve its quality from day one. Reaching out to a reliable framing company is crucial to ensure safe and proper mounting. 

Picture Framing offers quality art framing services in Sydney, Australia. We frame our customers’ memories and provide sound advice and quality products. Call us now, and we can help you preserve picture-perfect memories.