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Picking the Matboard Colour for a Custom Framing Project

Whether you want a piece of artwork or photography on your wall, they perfectly capture your style and personality. However, they need a proper setting to help them stand out, including choosing the correct mat board colour. You may also invest in custom framing to effectively showcase the piece. 

We put together a guide to picking the right matboard colour to make your artwork pop. 

Add Double Mats 

We recommend custom framing using two or three matboards to add depth to a picture that could otherwise look flat. Double mats also add an extra layer of complexity. 

You may also add a little colour. We usually pair a black or white mat with a coloured one, so the neutral colour balances the light or dark, while the coloured option accents your piece. 

Besides the colour, you must also consider the placement and visual space because they directly affect the piece’s overall impact. 

Choose a Core Colour 

When picking a matboard for your piece, you must choose the core colour, or the hue you’ll see through your matboard’s bevel cut on its edges. It can also significantly impact your piece’s overall look. On the other hand, the surface colour is your dominant shade. 

These boards work best for adding a hint of colour. You also don’t need to create much depth or thickness of a double matting because it’s a single board. It also makes a visual break between the piece and the mat board. 

Select a Dominant Colour

In this step, you must choose a matboard based on the piece’s dominant colour, or the shade most present in your matboard, to create a monochromatic look that will make the other hues pop. While matching the colour ideally isn’t necessary, we recommend picking a similar shade.

Pick a Complementary Colour

Complementary colours are two hues on the opposite sides of your colour wheel, and you can use them to improve your art’s look. 

For instance, if orange is the piece’s primary colour, we recommend choosing a blue mat board to create a captivating display. If the complementary colour is too bright, you can tone down the blue to a darker shade. 

Find a Metallic Colour

For something more glamorous, you can choose a metallic colour. Metallic colours are hues inspired by metallic elements and alloys. 

When you select a metallic board, you’ll get a rose gold, rose gold, bronze, or silver look. While metallic panels don’t have real metals, they still give a metal-like colouring and shine.

When choosing this matboard, less is more. You don’t want the board to overpower your custom frames or art; you want it to draw the eye to the art. 

We highly recommend using this option as a border in a double mat design. 

Black Matboards 

You can never go wrong with the colour black when other options fail. It gives your piece a serious and classy feel. This dark shade won’t clash with different colours; you can pair them with different custom framing designs. 

We recommend using a black matboard for your custom framing project if you want to bring out the highlights. It also works best if the photograph has a lot of visual depth. 

White Matboards

On the other hand, we highly recommend using a white matboard if you want to make the shadows pop. 

White gives a clean and professional look to your piece. While it may be a safe choice for several custom framing projects, you must avoid it if your art has a lot of pastels or off-white colours. 

Framing a Picture-Perfect Piece

When selecting the right colour for your mat board in your custom framing project, you must carefully consider how your choices will affect the piece’s overall look. Consulting a custom framing company can help you make the right decisions. 

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