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Master the Art of Canvas Framing: Tips from Experts

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Canvas art possesses a unique allure, with its tactile depth and richly textured surface drawing viewers into an immersive visual experience. The intricate process of framing canvas artwork demands careful consideration of materials, techniques, and design elements to ensure the preservation, enhancement, and visual harmony of your beloved pieces. With the expert guidance and knowledge provided by our Newtown-based framing team, achieving a beautifully framed canvas display becomes a rewarding and enjoyable journey that honours the original spirit and intention of your artwork.

In this extensive guide, we will delve into the nuances of framing art on canvas, exploring the key principles, methods, and techniques that culminate in striking and well-preserved displays. Our Newtown-based picture framing specialists will share insights on selecting appropriate frame styles, understanding the importance of stretcher bars, and determining whether glazing is necessary for your canvas piece. Furthermore, we will cover the unique considerations and framing options for various types of canvas art, such as stretched, gallery-wrapped, and rolled canvas.

Embark on the enticing journey of canvas art framing with our Newtown-based picture framing professionals, as we share the skills, passion, and dedication required to showcase your cherished artwork in a manner that truly reflects its beauty and significance. Together, we will navigate the fascinating world of canvas framing, ensuring your art receives the utmost care, protection, and expertise it deserves.

Selecting the Right Frame: Style, Material, and Colour

Choose a frame that complements the aesthetics, dimensions, and textures of your canvas artwork:

  • Frame Style: Match the frame style to the overall theme and tone of your canvas piece, considering options ranging from sleek, minimalist designs to ornate, traditional mouldings.
  • Frame Material: Opt for frame materials that provide durability, protection, and visual appeal, such as wood, metal, or acrylic.
  • Colour Coordination: Select frame colours that accentuate your artwork’s hues and tones, harmonising with the canvas piece while enhancing its visual impact.

Understanding Stretcher Bars: The Foundation of Canvas Framing

Familiarise yourself with the importance and purpose of stretcher bars in framing canvas art:

  • Stretcher Bar Types: Learn about the various types of stretcher bars available, such as standard, heavy-duty, or gallery-wrap, and determine which is best suited for your canvas piece.
  • Proper Stretching Techniques: Understand the importance of evenly stretching your canvas art onto the stretcher bars, ensuring a taut and wrinkle-free surface that prevents future sagging or distortion.
  • Stapling and Wiring: Secure your canvas art to the stretcher bars using appropriately placed staples on the rear side of the stretcher frame, before attaching the necessary hanging hardware and wire.

Glazing Considerations: Deciding If Your Canvas Art Requires Glazing

Determine if glazing is necessary for your canvas art and weigh its advantages against potential drawbacks:

  • Protection Benefits: While glass or acrylic glazing can protect canvas artwork from dust, debris, and accidental damage, it may create unwanted reflections or glare, detracting from the viewing experience.
  • Material Interactions: Consider the potential impact of glass or acrylic on canvas, as the direct contact between the glazing and canvas surface may result in sticking or damage over time.
  • Alternative Protective Methods: To safeguard your canvas piece without glazing, ensure it is hung in a suitable environment where it is not exposed to direct sunlight, extreme humidity, or other damaging factors.

Framing Options for Various Types of Canvas Art: Stretched, Gallery-Wrapped, and Rolled

Learn about the unique framing considerations and options for different forms of canvas art:

  • Stretched Canvas Art: For stretched canvas pieces, select a frame that snugly accommodates the dimensions of the canvas, providing support and showcasing the entirety of the painted surface.
  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas: For gallery-wrapped canvas, where the artwork extends around the edges of the stretcher bars, consider a float frame that displays the full edge, adding visual depth and sophistication to the presentation.
  • Rolled Canvas Art: For rolled canvas that requires stretching and framing, consult with our Newtown-based picture framing professionals, who can expertly guide you through the process and ensure a beautifully framed end product.


Framing your cherished canvas artwork is both an art and a science, requiring meticulous attention to detail, expert knowledge, and a keen sense of aesthetics. Through the guidance and support of our Newtown-based picture framing team, you can embark on a rewarding venture that culminates in beautifully framed canvas displays that preserve and enhance the inherent spirit and beauty of your artwork.

As you delve deeper into the fascinating realm of canvas art framing, rest assured that Picture Framing’s Newtown-based professionals are dedicated to providing the expertise, passion, and inspiration necessary to ensure your most treasured canvas pieces receive the care and attention they deserve. Together, we will explore the captivating world of canvas framing, weaving a presentational tapestry that elevates the art, celebrates its essence, and creates a lasting impression that speaks to your discerning taste and appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship.