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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Picture Frames Clean

People like hanging picture frames to show off the things they are proud of. Diplomas, artworks, family photos—picture frames do the task of protecting these prized possessions once they are hung on the wall.

Even if picture frames are everyday items that are easy to take for granted, you should still put in the effort to maintain them and keep them clean. And no, casually dusting over them will not exactly cut it. If you want to maintain the look of the picture frame even after many, many years of hanging on the wall, you need to get rid of the dust, dirt, and stains on it.

Here are some particular ways you can clean your picture frames to maintain their quality.

General Cleaning Instructions for Picture Frames

You can still use your feather dusters to clean it, to be honest. It does the work of getting rid of the dust from your picture frames, so it is not totally useless. However, as stated above, that does not fully clean your picture frames.

After the initial dusting session, you still need to get rid of some residue that your trusty duster did not successfully remove. Spray some water on a paper towel and wipe the whole frame. Be particular about the corners because dirt likes to stay in there!

If there are some smudges or fingerprints on the picture frames, you should use a special glass cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto the glass, then carefully wipe it off with a paper towel.

How To Properly Clean Wooden Picture Frames

If you only clean the glass surface of your picture frames, then you have been doing it wrong your whole life. You have to clean the frame as well!

If the frame is made of wood, the standard way of cleaning frames won’t exactly cut it. A wet paper towel can do the work if the wooden picture frame does not have a finish, but it is another conversation if it is finished. 

Additionally, you should get a polish especially made for wooden furniture and spray it onto a piece of cloth. This polish should be the only thing you will use to clean wooden picture frames to maintain their quality and their unique look.

How To Properly Clean Metal Picture Frames

Whether made from gold or silver, your metal picture frames also require a particular way of cleaning. Picture frames made from metal get a bit ugly when dirty because they lose their luster—you can quickly notice that they are not the same as before.

You can use soap, water, and a cloth to clean it, but some metals need special cleaning materials. Some require an acrylic cleaner or a silver polish. Nevertheless, it is always essential to read what it says on the packaging of the picture frame to know how to take care of it properly. 

Final Thoughts

Picture frames protect and display some of your best works and photos, so you should also take care of them as well as you can. As they house your special memories, you must give them the ultimate care, so you’ll always have a smile on your face each time you look at them.

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