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3 Important Questions to Ask a Custom Framing Professional

Capturing your favourite moments in a photograph and putting it in a custom picture frame is one of the best ways to preserve memories. The same goes for a piece of art that you painted yourself or was given to you by someone special. 

While framing looks very simple at first glance, it actually requires a lot of patience and skill to do it properly. Besides, framing is more of preserving than just encasing a piece of art in protective packaging. Some people even hire professional framers to do the job for them. If you’re planning on hiring a framer, here are some questions you should ask them before hiring them.

1. How Safe Is My Artwork in Your Hands?

People treat pieces of art with the utmost care because of how much value they put in them. That’s why it’s a big concern for them when it comes to the safety of their artwork. If the framer you’re planning to hire has in-house framing facilities, it’s best to take a look around at their shop first to see just how safe it is for handling art pieces. You can also ask about the tools and materials they use that you see around their shop. It’s best to ask as many questions as you can about the framer at this point to get a better idea of how their process goes.

2. Do You Make Use of Archival Quality Materials?

Of course, the quality of the materials used in framing is a crucial detail that you shouldn’t overlook. The materials and the frame itself will determine just how secure your item is and will it stand the test of time. It will basically affect the longevity and appearance of your artwork. Since framers nowadays work with more modern and scientific framing processes, there really is nothing to worry about the materials. With that being said, it’s still best to ask a few questions about it. 

Make sure that the framer uses acid-free materials, especially for backing and matting purposes. Ask about the components they use in the backing and the frame, so you’re sure it wouldn’t deteriorate the art itself.

3. What Mounting Method Do You Use?

Even if you’re not a framing expert, you should still ask this question to learn the framer’s process for every project. There’s also a variety of framing techniques that can be used depending on the size frame and the subject. If you possess a poster or a print, dry mounting will ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing, wrinkle-free, and stays flat without buckling. If you’re hanging an extremely valuable piece of art, then you should stay away from dry mounting. Hinging is perhaps the best method to use here as it’s designed for archival and preservation purposes.


Those are just three of the most pressing questions you should ask a professional framer before hiring them. These questions will help you determine whether the framer is reliable and is capable of elevating your artwork into a piece that could last for years to come.

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