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The Importance of Choosing the Right Frame for Your Artworks

As you build your collection of artwork, you will need to select frames that complement and enhance the pieces. Frames play an essential role in protecting artwork against environmental hazards such as moisture damage, so it is important to choose frames that are well suited for the painting you are displaying. 

At the same time, frames can affect the value of the art itself, as some pieces are more valuable when displayed in a certain type of frame.

Why Is Framing So Important In Art?

As well as enhancing artwork and also protecting it, the frame has several other vital roles to play. Perhaps the most important is how the frame influences how the viewer perceives the art. 

For example, a frame can suggest value – especially if it has been beautifully carved or made from an unusual material – and can hint at exclusivity and status. You can also use the frame to express the individual’s personality who owns the art and echo artistic judgment and insight. This is why the right frame has a lot to offer artwork, but how do you choose the right one for your artwork?

Choosing The Right Frame

It’s important to note that a wrong frame can damage artwork, not just visually. As well as creating a poor experience for the viewer of a piece, a poor frame could even do physical damage. 

A low-quality frame may mean that mould appears inside it or that the paint of the artwork starts to crack. With that, here is how you can ensure that you’re choosing the right frame for you and the pieces you invest in:

1. Find the Right Structure

Different frames provide extra support to artwork, and you’ll need to make sure that you pick the right one. Painting on paper and prints and photographs, for example, will need a mount board – such as cardboard – and glass. Acid-free mount boards and UV protective glass can make a big difference to how your pieces look after several years on your walls.

2. Choose the Right Materials

Frames come in a wide range of options for materials, so put some thought into whether you want metal, wood, plastic, or ceramic, among others. Bear in mind the aesthetic impact, long-term wear and tear, and the potential for rust.

3. Make Sure the Frame Doesn’t Overshadow the Art

Whatever type of frame you choose, remember that the viewer should still be looking at the art and not the frame. This is because an overly-extravagant frame can detract from what’s inside it.

Opt for a frame that compliments the work. Contrast can sometimes work well in the right hands, but the best option is a frame that matches the piece for most of us. So, a classic frame for a classic piece of art or something more contemporary if the art inside is much more recent.

If you’re investing in art, finding the right frame is crucial. The frame not only protects your investment but also makes it more appealing, increases its value and suggests its importance.

4. Visit the Frame Shop Personally

When you’re looking for a frame for your artwork, take your time. You don’t want to regret the decision, return to it in a few years, and wonder what you could have done differently.

Visit a frame shop in person and look through the frames on display. You can instantly see how a frame might work with the art you’re considering.

Think about how the frame will match your home – do you want it to have a specific effect, do you want it to match other frames on your walls, etc. Consider any other artwork you have on display – if it’s a painting, consider a canvas frame. If it’s a digital print, you might need something more modern.

Frame shops offer expert advice, so if you’re unsure how to frame your art, then an expert will make sure that your artwork is displayed to its full potential and in the best possible way.


A frame can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of art, and it’s worth investing in one that looks good. If you want to add value to your art collection, you want your pieces to be displayed correctly and in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

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