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How to Sell Pieces of Artwork Effectively: Our Guide

Over the years, art pieces of artwork have been sought for their aesthetic value, as they spark interest and ignite passion in the viewer. This is why, while they aren’t essential commodities and don’t necessarily have functional purposes, some individuals purchase them for their beauty and creativity. Besides that, they can even become worthy investments that can spruce up your space and be sold in the future for high returns!

If you’re looking to sell several pieces of artwork, there are a few key steps you can take to boost your art sales. Here’s our practical guide to effectively selling your pieces of artwork:

1. Display a Certificate of Authenticity

If there’s one thing you must ensure, that is the legitimacy of your artwork pieces. But more than anything else, your prospective buyers must instantly know that you’re selling legitimate pieces. The last thing they’ll ever want to happen is to buy paintings, sculptures, and other forms, only to find out later on that they aren’t authentic. For this reason, the rule of thumb is to display the pieces with a Certificate of Authenticity that shows the work and the artist’s statement to gain the clients’ trust and confidence to invest in your artwork.

2. Leave your studio door open

It’s a good idea to leave the door of your studio open during opening hours, especially when you are located in a busy area. While you’re at it, be sure that the artwork pieces are conspicuous for all the passersby to see so that they can easily and quickly catch people’s attention. The chances are that they’ll take a halt for a minute and find time to drop by your studio in search of worthy art investment. Just make sure that you have security measures set in place!

3. Keep up with the artwork trends

Keep in mind that even artwork trends are ever-changing and ever-evolving. What was once appealing in the ’90s may no longer be saleable in the 2000s. Yet, some outdated ones tend to have a comeback that caters to art collectors and some new ones emerge and soon take the whole world by storm. As an art enthusiast or investor, you must be the first to be well-acquainted with the trends in the world of art trends. That way, you know what pieces of artwork to promote and highlight.

4. Invest in and install quality framing 

Another great trick is to use quality framing in your artwork pieces, as it can make a lot of difference in their overall presentation. Whether you need instant frames or customised ones, be sure to work with the expert framers who can give your artwork pieces a boost. Without you knowing it, even something as simple as quality framing can already add value to your art!

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5. Set fair and reasonable pricing

Don’t forget to set the pricing as this will determine the buyers’ decision in most cases. As there are sweat, toil, and hard work involved in bringing art pieces into life, be sure that they are sold at reasonable prices. But on the other hand, make sure that they are fairly priced for your customers so that it will be a win-win situation for the buyer and you as the seller!


At this point, you now know how to promote your artwork pieces effectively and successfully. All it takes is to display a Certificate of Authenticity, leave your studio door open, keep up with the artwork trends, invest in and install quality framing, and set fair and reasonable pricing. With all these in place, you’ll be surprised at how you can get your artwork pieces sold as quickly as possible!

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