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Beyond the Canvas: How to Perfectly Display Your Art at Home

Art breathes life into any space it occupies—it paints colour over the dull, brings harmony amidst deafening silence, and gives meaning to what seemed incomprehensible. 

Your art does not stop at the final brush-stroke on the canvas; it marks the beginning of its life, ready to inspire, awe and wonder all eyes that will fall upon it. This is the power of art: it’s the ability to fuse different emotions and opinions together, stirring hearts, and stimulating minds.

To ensure that you are showcasing the art in the best light, read these tips on how to best display your art at home.

Hire an Art Hanging Service

Art installation isn’t just a matter of hammering a nail and hanging it on the wall—it takes meticulous practice and a great understanding of art and design to pull off. If not installed correctly, your artwork will be one accident away from injury! Consider leaving it to a professional picture hanger if you want to preserve your art’s beauty and ensure its safety at the same time.

Relying on a professional to hang your art and photos is especially important if you have large artworks, like heavy sculptures or unusually-shaped paintings. Professional picture hangers have the knowledge, the right tools, and a system to hang the art on your wall securely.

Mind the Location

Where you display your artwork matters not only to make sure it complements the room’s interior, but also to limit its exposure to sunlight. Sunlight can significantly affect your artwork’s condition—regular doses of natural light will drain the colour from a painting, its beauty permanently faded.

Artworks of some media can be displayed under sunlight, like sculptures, but photos and watercolours should avoid direct sunlight exposure as much as possible.

Be Conscious of the Temperature

Humidity can greatly impact the beauty of your artworks. Too much moisture in the air can cause mould and fungi to grow, leading to irreversible damage to your pieces.

To preserve its quality, keep your home’s temperature at 65 to 75 degrees. You must especially monitor the humidity levels during the summer months, as this is when the problems can creep up on you unknowingly!

Find The Right Arrangement

Every home has its own arrangement of furnishings that best enhances the space—this is the same for arranging your art display. Figure out the where and hows of showcasing your art in the best light. 

Depending on the type of artwork you have, it could be best displayed on its own, installed on a big gallery wall among many other paintings, or paired together. Whichever way you may prefer, what matters is that the arrangement must best display the beauty of the art and reflect your personality and style.

Frame Your Art

The length of your painting’s life depends on whether it is framed or not. Art, primarily paintings, can be susceptible to various environmental elements, even in the safety of your home. Framing your art is one of the tried and tested ways of maintaining the quality of your art for lifetimes to come.  

Choosing a frame isn’t just about selecting what will best complement or enhance the painting—it’s also about protecting it from warping, damage, and degradation. Reach out to a frame store near you to protect your art right away.

To further ensure that the artwork maintains its good condition, choose the right glass to shield it from the elements. Three of the most common types of glass used are non-glare glass, plexiglass, and museum glass. 


Your artworks may have been made by just one person, but the installation is not a one-man process. Find the right people to hang your art, consult an interior designer on how best to arrange them in your house, and find the right experts on canvas framing in Sydney. Remember, the beauty of the artwork alone is not enough; it matters how you showcase that beauty.

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