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Dream Home Reinvention: How to Organise Your Artwork

“There is nothing like home” is a cheesy proverb. But it is true. We can never be truly comfortable unless we are surrounded by the people and things that we care about the most.

It is probably why we would put a few personal accessories in our workspace. These items remind us of our loved ones. We can throw a few art pieces to make our mark in the place. But before doing so, you should go to the nearest frame store to have them framed.

Why go through all this trouble? Just remember, this little exercise will bring your loved ones close even if they are not physically there. If you want to learn more about re-invent your work area, pay close attention to this article.

Do Not Rush Things

Visual planning will guarantee your success. It would not be easy to see how the art pieces look together, so it would be best to sketch your art pieces’ physical arrangement. You can even use a computer program to make it more lifelike.

Before going to the nearest frame store, print paper-size copies of your artwork. Once you reach the store, you can lay them inside the frame to see how it looks. Doing this will help you visualise the final output.

Another excellent visual planning trick is to use the printed versions of the artwork and hang them on the wall. This method will allow you to measure the distance between each piece of art.

Prepare the Necessary Equipment (and Tools)

You might be thinking that you only need a hammer and a few nails. But sometimes, these are not enough for the heavier pieces. As a tip, you may ask the sales assistant in the frame store what type of mounting hardware would work for the frames you purchased.

Asking for the advice of the sales assistant will prevent you from overdoing the project. Without his suggestion, you might purchase unnecessary sheetrock nails. This type of nail will leave bigger holes, which you cannot easily hide.

Measurement Is the Key

Considering that you already have the paper-size versions of your art pieces hanging on your wall, you should put enough space in between them. As a tip, you should allow at least four inches between frames. If you put them too close, you will end up overcrowding them.

What is wrong if they are too close to each other? This arrangement will only highlight the imperfections. Putting some space in between will allow the viewers to focus on the artwork’s beauty and nothing else.

Let It Shine

If you have a favorite piece, allow it to shine. Even as early as your first visit to the frame store, ask the sales assistant to find the perfect frame for it. The casing and the artwork should not clash.

You can also use your favorite piece as your guide. You may want to start from it and work from there. Doing this will help you visualise the output.


Installing your favorite art pieces at home may not necessarily make it more cozy. But it will give a more personal touch to your living space. Organise your artwork collection and let your home design reflect your personality.  

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