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How to Choose Picture Frames for Artwork: Our Guide

Art pieces complete the look of a room and give it personality. You can change the mood in a space by switching up the prints, paintings, or photographs you display, and these art pieces won’t look complete without frames. A picture frame completes an image’s look, so it’s essential to match a frame to your piece. Custom picture frames are even better, since you can select materials and finishes that truly complement your artwork. Here are things you should consider when choosing picture frames for your images.

Compliment The Colours In The Image

The best frame for one photo is not the same for another. Choose a frame that accentuates, rather than diminishes, the colours in the picture. Your room’s theme matters as well. For instance, you could use a brown frame for a photo with warm colours, a white frame for a vibrant photo, or a gold one for a monochrome grayscale picture.

Think Of The Medium Used

Consider why you’re choosing a frame. The type you settle on will vary depending on the style of your artwork. For example, oil and acrylic paintings, which are complex and textured, work best with a simple frame. Choose one in a solid colour, preferably with a matte finish—this keeps viewers’ attention on the brushstrokes and composition. Let the canvas shine and keep the frame in the background. You can even forego frames, especially if the canvas has been stretched properly and the sides painted in a way that appeals to you.

Meanwhile, if you’re framing art on paper, you have different considerations. Unlike canvas, paper does not have a solid border, so you cannot prop it up or hang it without damaging the surface. When it comes to paper artwork, your frame should act as enhancement of the presentation while offering protection and structure. Getting custom picture frames is a good option since professional framing studios know what type of mounting paper works with which materials.

Make sure the material you use to mount your paper art is 100 per cent acid-free. If not, the paper will discolour over time; the acids in most cardboard backing cause paper to degrade. Discolourations like these can devalue your piece.

Don’t Use The Same Frames

At first glance, having the same type of picture frame throughout your home might seem cohesive. However, it only works if you have very similar-looking photos and if all the pieces match the frame. If not, choosing the same frames will diminish the individual beauty of each artwork. Select frames that complement each piece’s strengths and take into consideration the overall effect when you place these frames or images in a gallery. If you are hanging a modern piece in a room with vintage decor, you do not need a vintage frame, but it does have to tie in with the room’s look or mood somewhat.

Don’t Prioritise Personal Taste

When shopping for frames or other decorative items, we often rely on our taste. It is normal to do so since taste dictates what we think is beautiful. However, taste also evolves, and what you find pretty might not be what the room needs. Often, people find an artwork they like and a frame they like and attempt to put the two together. However, when they do, they realise that the two are incompatible. Allow yourself to be surprised by frame and image combinations.


Choosing the right frame for your pictures will help complete the look of your artwork. Ensure that you have frames that complement the medium, your image’s composition, and the room’s aesthetic. When you do, you’ll definitely see the difference!

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