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Here’s Why You Should Start Framing Your Sports Souvenirs

For those who were athletes back in the day, you may have brought home numerous sports keepsakes. As you grew older and moved into several homes, you may have kept your collection with you all this time—accumulating them over the years, just to stock them in boxes in your basement. Whether it’s a trophy, medal, jersey, or certificate, finding these memorabilia can be nostalgic, leading you to remember some of the best times of your life. 

Instead of tucking them away to gather dust, you can think of displaying your sports souvenirs using custom frames. They offer the correct dimensions for each of your items and keep your precious relics in good condition. Getting custom framing is a valuable investment because it adds to the appeal of your sports possessions, and you don’t have to worry about breaking them while they’re on display. 

Keep reading below to learn more reasons to start framing your priceless sports items. 

Frames Can Secure Your Valuable Memento

Any sports memorabilia that prove you worked hard to achieve it can never be replaced in exchange for money. That’s why you need to go out of your way to maintain your belongings and keep them from experiencing wear and tear.

An item exposed to sunlight, heat, dust, and other environmental elements can lead its colours to fade, resulting in unwanted damages. But when you use custom framing, you can preserve your treasures and maintain their good quality for a long time.

Take note that it’s better to customise your frames rather than select ready-made ones due to their difference in price and durability. When you opt for tailor-made frames, it will help to select UV-resistant glass and acid-free matt boards to guarantee your things remain in top shape for all time.

Frames Can Preserve Your Token’s Worth 

Aside from certificates and trophies, your memorabilia can also include trading cards, signed posters, and varsity jackets. Avid sports collectors can tell you the worth of rare mementos, and if you happen to be the lucky owner of some of them, you can expect to receive a hefty sum of money in exchange when you decide to sell it!

Depending on the kind of tokens you own, its price can go up as the years go by. However, you have to ensure that your collection remains untainted and keeps its prime state so its value won’t depreciate. 

Failing to take care of your belongings and damaging them will risk your chances of keeping an interested buyer. One way to protect your sports collection is by getting them framed to provide quality protection and increase its worth in the long run.   

Frames Can Add The Finishing Touches 

Most collectors will encourage you to skip purchasing pre-made frames because these can’t cater to your needs and provide the necessary protection for your items. Custom framing, on the other hand, allows you to select every detail—the colour, design, style, shape, and material of the frame, for starters.  

In addition, what’s impressive about custom frames is it can go well with your home’s interior design, so long as you pick out the right frame that will go well with your furnishings. You don’t have to worry about where to place your memorabilia because you can customise the frames to match any room in your house.


Whether you want to customise a player card, jersey, medal, or certificate framing, you can look forward to benefiting from keeping your sports mementos safe and in excellent condition. Custom frames can help secure your sports valuables, preserve their worth, and serve to add the finishing touches, letting you display your keepsakes anywhere in your home as you please.  

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