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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Framing Your Artwork

Are you wondering if custom framing is worth the investment for your artwork? Custom framing is an excellent way to enhance and protect your artwork. It adds a touch of elegance, style, and personality to your space. However, it can be a challenging task, and often, people are unsure if it’s worth it.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to decide whether you should custom frame your art. We’ll provide you with six expert tips to get your gallery wall on point.

1. Consider the Value of Your Artwork

When deciding whether to custom frame your artwork, you must consider the piece’s value. If you have a valuable piece of artwork, it’s worth investing in a custom frame to protect and preserve it. A custom frame will help prevent dust, moisture, or sunlight damage. It can also enhance the artwork’s value and help it stand out in space.

2. Assess the Artwork’s Style

The style of your artwork also plays a crucial role in deciding whether it needs custom framing. If you have a contemporary piece of artwork, a sleek and modern frame may be the best choice. Similarly, if you have a vintage or classic piece, a more traditional frame can enhance its beauty. The frame should complement the artwork and not overpower it.

3. Consider the Size of the Space

The space where you plan to display your artwork is also an essential factor to consider. If you have a large space, you may want to opt for a larger frame to make a bold statement. On the other hand, if you have a small space, a smaller frame may be more suitable to avoid overcrowding.

4. Consider the Environment

The environment in which your art will be displayed should also be considered when deciding whether to custom frame. Suppose the artwork will be exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, or other environmental factors. In that case, a custom frame with UV protection and archival materials may be necessary to protect the artwork from fading or deteriorating over time. If the artwork will be displayed in a high-traffic area, a sturdy and durable custom frame can help protect the artwork from accidental damage.

5. Think About the Matting

Matting is an essential component of custom framing. The border surrounds the artwork and separates it from the frame. The right matting can enhance the artwork’s colours and provide a more professional look. It also helps protect the artwork from touching the glass. When choosing the matting, consider the artwork’s colours and ensure it complements them.\

6. Consult with a Professional

If you’re still unsure whether to custom frame your artwork, consulting with a professional is always best. Depending on the artwork’s value, style, and space, they can guide you on the best type of frame and matting to use. A professional can also help you choose the right glass to protect your artwork from harmful UV rays.

Frame It Right

Custom framing can enhance the beauty and value of your artwork while protecting it from damage. It can be an excellent investment, but it’s essential to consider various factors before making a decision. By following the expert tips we’ve provided, you can get your gallery wall on point and create a space that reflects your style and personality.

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