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A Modern Guide to Making Posters Look Good in Your House

There are so many different aesthetic tastes and resources to pull from when it comes to home decorating. Today, you’re never really in a shortage of inspiration and ways to put more personality and character into your interior layout, as there are many designs freely available on the internet, in magazines, and other sources.

One timeless way to add some life to the home is by using posters. Of course, you might not want to hang them up bare because it feels too reminiscent of an adolescent’s room littered with loose papers and posters across the walls. Although that in itself can fit a particular vibe, you may want to know about other ways you can make posters look good in your house.

Creating a Theme

If you’re not sure how to put up posters without them looking too random or uncoordinated, it can help you to set a theme. This can create more visual interest and even serve as a way to connect your posters with the rest of the room’s design. Your theme can be about the content of the posters or even the way you lay them out on your wall. Don’t feel trapped in the traditional horizontal line.

Building a Palette

A good way to make your posters look thought of and seamlessly integrated into the home’s design is by building a colour palette. You can select one major hue or a selection of colours and make sure your posters all adhere to it. This is great whether you want a minimalist or more ornate collection.

You can also match this palette with the tone of your nearby furniture and highlight pieces. You can even use custom picture frames to follow the colour scheme.

The Right Frame

Sometimes, it’s all about the frame. You can elevate any poster simply by putting it in a frame before hanging it up. This also adds more dimension and visual interest, especially if you have just a few you want to put on your walls. 

Poster framing is a great way to establish the kind of vibe you want to give off. Even the type of frame you use will affect the overall look of your poster. For example, consider the difference between a bare poster, one framed in a sleek floating frame, or one in a highly-stylized frame. 

Going For the Rails

To add a different mix to your design, you can even use poster rails. You can use aluminium or wood to match your style. This option is excellent for bigger posters and cloth prints. Depending on how you set it up, it can look more formal than simply sticking the poster on the wall but more relaxed than a framed piece.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the things you can do to make use of posters in any way that matches your own visual style. There’s no one way to decorate your home, so it’s really up to your own preferences. By using various ways of incorporating posters, you’ll find that they are actually one of the more design elements in the home, and you can use them in pretty much any room. 

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