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Framing Your Diploma: Reasons You Should Frame Your Diploma

Congratulations! You finally finished putting in the hard work for years with your diploma in hand, but what now? You have two choices — either you roll it up and store it in a tube, or you can honour your achievement and have it framed by hanging them on your home or office wall. 

Frames aren’t only meant for pictures. Basically, their purpose is to display your memories for others to see, including your diploma. While some of the most common reasons you’ll want to frame your certificate are based on professional ideas, another great reason you might want to frame your diploma is to protect it. 

Fortunately, framing companies like Picture Framing offer certificate framing services to help protect and keep your well-earned diploma safe from external factors, like sunlight, dust, and moisture. 

If you’re still considering keeping your diploma tucked in a tube, keep reading. Here are other reasons you’d want to frame your certificate:

Reason #1: Prevents Fading and Discolouration

The great thing about framing materials today is that the glass they use has now UV-resistant features that help protect your diploma from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. 

Unfortunately, too much sun exposure can cause your document to fade and suffer from discolouration, but you can help reduce the glare it absorbs when you use the right type of glass. 

Reason #2: Helps Retain the Condition of Your Diploma

When you frame your diploma, you protect it from folds, creases, and cracked edges. Because even if your certificate is stored in a tube, it’s not entirely safe from damage. 


Encasing your diploma in a frame protects not only its surface and edges but also helps keep your certificate in pristine condition for many years. Remember, your diplomas are made with special paper, which is more susceptible to creases, folds, and tears. 

Reason #3: Showcase Your Accomplishment

A diploma symbolizes an individual’s achievement. That’s why choosing the right frame that will perfectly showcase your hard work is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

The great thing about certificate framing is that you have a wide array of frame options and styles to choose from. Not to mention, you can even have one custom-made for yourself. 

Reason #4: Protect Your Investment

Education is one of the biggest life investments. Because of that, you don’t want to leave your investment in a damp basement where it can grow mould and sustain insect damage. Instead, safeguard your diploma by encasing them in a sturdy, high-quality frame. 

Diploma Framing Tips

  • Your Frames Should Be Archival: Create an environment where you can preserve your documents in a secure area away from harmful materials, elements, and chemicals. 


  • Don’t Mount Your Diploma: Mounting can severely damage your diploma since it attaches your certificate permanently to the board, usually with heat-activated adhesives. For this reason, avoid this process and protect your diplomas and gold seals from additional damage. 


  • Get A Custom Frame: The great thing about custom framing is that you can inject your style and personality with your frame. 

The Bottom Line: Framing Your Diploma is More Than Just Displaying Your Hard Work

The great thing about framing your diploma is besides being able to be proud of what you’ve achieved; you’ll also protect your hard work by encasing them in a sturdy, UV-resistant frame that will help keep the condition of your diplomas in tip-top shape for years to come. 

So grab your diploma, head to your nearest framing company, and get certificate framing services for your educational achievement!

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