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Why Every Artwork of Yours Deserves Its Own Custom Frame

If you just finished your artwork, the next thing you want to do is to immediately frame it. So you head to your local craft store and pick out the first frame you see that fits. You actually just made a mistake, but you don’t know it.

Just as important as the beauty of your artwork is the frame you use to hold it. Now, while pre-made frames work and have always worked for you, custom frames are still a better choice. If you have never used a custom frame before, then read on to learn more about its different benefits.

High-Quality Products

While ready-made frames are usually made of plastic or resin, custom frames are all made from the best materials by professionals. This ensures that you will be getting a high-quality product to hold your artwork.

Custom frames will surely protect your artwork from any damage possible. While pre-made frames can also do this job to some extent, the flimsy materials it is usually made of may not be as durable.

The Perfect Size

While there are standard paper sizes that already exist with frames for them, you may want to have the option for a custom size. There may be cases wherein you may want a slightly smaller paper that is of non-standard size for your art.

Ready-made frames cannot provide you with these sizes, especially if non-standard. However, a custom frame can cater to any size you use. So it will no longer be a problem if you want to trim off some of the edges of your artwork.


The best way to enhance the beauty of your artwork is to choose a frame that is more complementary to it. However, ready-made frames may only give you a limited number of options in terms of design and look.

For custom frames, you can do whatever you want with your frame. You can request a black frame with gold flecks or a frame that is completely orange. Whatever type of frame you think would be appropriate for your painting can be done for you.

A Unique Gift

If you made your artwork as a gift to someone, you can spice it up with a custom frame. This will allow for a unique gift that no one has ever seen before. It will literally be one of its kind in the world with a custom frame.

This is a good idea for those who want to give someone a nice gift but are still very much from the heart. It is unique and thoughtful to give out a gift like this.

Perfect for Everything

Whether it is actually for a painting, a photo or even a polaroid, you can have it work with anything. The beauty of a custom frame is there are no limits to it, and it offers such flexibility. It allows you to get anything valuable to you framed.

So whether it’s art, a photo or even a receipt, you can get it framed. With custom frames, you can have any frame made for your important memorabilia.


Do not just settle for the first thing you see in a shop. Your art deserves the best and most unique frame. Getting a custom frame is the way to go to give justice to the beauty and uniqueness of your art.

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