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Here Are 3 Essential Tips When Selling Your Art Framed

Some clients often seem so shocked by the prices of most artists’ masterpieces, which makes them reluctant to buy the piece. Because of this, artists go below their expected profit and provide significant discounts just to meet the client’s price expectations. 

As an artist, your biggest problem in venturing into the craft is how you can sell your art. The biggest part of that struggle is setting your pricing because when you set the price too low, you could undermine the value of your piece. If you set the price too high, your artwork may be out of reach, and clients may not purchase it no matter how much they love it. 

Framing Your Artwork for Added Value

Adding a frame to your art may bring more capital on your side. There’s a higher chance you’ll be able to sell your artwork because it will look better and be protected from the elements, which are plus points for clients.

Here are some of the things you can do so that you can sell your artwork framed, and clients can appreciate your framed art more:

1. Look for an Excellent Art and Poster Framer

There’s a higher chance of selling your artwork when you market how it can last long because it is framed. You can tell them that the frame will not expose the painting to dust, moisture and other external elements because the frame will protect it. 

Look for an excellent art and poster framer like Picture Framing to ensure that your artwork will be in good condition. We also offer conservation and museum-grade framing to give you peace of mind that your beloved art will remain intact for many lifetimes.

2. Choose One Style of Frame and Mat

To help establish an identity and trademark with your artworks, you can choose only one style of frame and mat. This way, you can also make it easy for your clients to choose because having too many options can be intimidating. If you have excellent framing for your artwork, your clients will not question the price at all, and maybe they’ll be grateful that the frame is already done for them. This also takes the guesswork out of the clients’ hands and relieves them of the worry of choosing the wrong one.

3. Maximize Your Material to Minimise Your Cost

Creating a standard size for all your art would be a wise move if you want to save costs but still want to provide high-quality work. Most clients and collectors appreciate the artwork more if it’s the same size as their existing collection because it will look well for displays. 


If you want to sell your artwork for the price that you want, you need to prove that your artwork is a worthy investment. Show them that your artwork has the best quality and you are only getting the best material for your frame. Framing your artworks is like telling your clients that they’re purchasing a masterpiece that will last for a long time. 

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