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How to Ensure Your Frame Colour Matches Your Artwork

Framing artwork is more than merely surrounding a picture with a border. It is a form of creativity in and of itself, and it may improve the vibe of a space. While the proper frame draws attention to the image and makes it more visually attractive, the wrong one distracts the viewer. It’s worth noting that the colours of the custom frames have a significant impact on their appearance.

Use the proper colour schemes and undertones for your custom picture frames to make an effect. While subjectivity and personal taste can impact custom frame choices, some factors must be considered while making them.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re thinking of redecorating your walls with custom-made frame mouldings. Everything you need to know about framing artwork and selecting the correct frame colour is covered in this article.

How to Select the Best Picture Frame Color

While it’s tempting to select the frame colour you like regardless of its effect on the wall and its surroundings, it’s a bad idea. The frame you choose should be based on its effectiveness on the artwork you want to exhibit.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right frame colour:

How do you plan to display the artwork on the wall? If you’re going to hang the framed photo over your favourite armchair, you can use a metallic frame with a bronze tint. If you’re going to hang the framed art in your dining room, a subtle off-white or antique gold frame will be more fitting.

How does the tone and undertones of the picture frame affect the artwork? This depends mainly on the subject of the photo you want to frame. For example, a darker portrait can be best framed with a lighter wood frame.

Before deciding on a colour, you should also think about the durability, the cost, and the maintenance of the frame. For instance, if you have to frequently clean the picture frame due to fingerprints and other types of smudges, you should probably choose a frame that’s easier to maintain.

Artwork Frame Color Guide

The colour of the custom frames you choose greatly depends on the artwork you plan to frame. While the frame colour dramatically affects the look of the picture, it’s not the only factor that matters.

Here are some of the most popular picture frame colours/designs in the market:

Silver: A silver frame is a good choice if you want a border that’s understated but elegant. Most people associate silver frames with upscale solutions, so they are commonly used in upscale homes.

Gold: Gold is a popular choice to add a touch of luxury to the artwork frame. You can use gold frames to make a statement in a contemporary room or a dining room. Gold is also a popular choice when you want a frame that will protect your artwork. It’s more durable than silver and is less likely to get damaged.

Wood: A wood frame is a great choice when you want a frame that’s natural and elegant. Wood frames are also a good choice if you want the frame to blend into the room effortlessly.

Acrylic: An acrylic frame is a good choice if you want a picture frame that’s durable and lightweight. The best thing about acrylic picture frames is that they are also insulated and are better at preventing condensation from building up on the artwork.


While the frame is just one of the elements of art, picking the right one is essential. When it comes to custom frames, the frame colour and type affect the overall look of the artwork.

Note that you have to consider several things before deciding on a type and colour for the frame. Give some thought to the artwork, the colours and tones of the room where you will put up the artwork, and the design/style of the room.

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