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4 Quick and Easy Tips for Proper Artwork Framing

We understand how valuable artworks are to every home. They enhance the overall interior design and can contribute to the mood that you want to project. But just like any of your furnishings and decorations, artworks should be well taken care of to extend their lifespan. As much as possible, you have to make sure that they are at their best state at all times.

By simply following these essential tips, you’ll be able to maintain that well-framed and fine artwork, whether it’s a canvas, poster, or painting. So, let’s get started!

1. Find The Perfect Frame

When thinking of artwork care, looking for artwork frames or custom picture frames should be your top priority. Frames are a crucial part of the artwork because they enhance its overall aesthetics and serve as much-needed protection against the elements.

Buying an artwork frame requires a lot of diligence and attention to detail. You have to look at several factors like your canvas, interior space, and the frame material. Choose frames that are suitable for the artworks’ measurement. This is to ensure that your artwork will not be altered or damaged due to improper frame size.

Moreover, choosing the material can be confusing as well. Polycarbonate is one of the best options to prevent your artwork from fading over time.

2. Hang The Artwork Securely

Once you are done framing the artwork, it is time to hang and display it. Take note that hanging the painting is not quite as simple as putting it anywhere inside the house.

Find the best placement by considering the humidity levels, centre point, eye-level point, and direct light. These elements are essential in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your artwork and setting it apart from its surroundings.

3. Follow Proper Cleaning and Care

If you want your artwork pieces to last a lifetime, you need to keep them clean and away from things that will lead to fading. Proper cleaning and care don’t have to be done extensively. You won’t even need any cleaning solution or chemicals; in fact, it’s imperative to stay away from them. Running a feather duster regularly is more than enough.

Additionally, you may opt to take down the artwork with a frame to clean debris or excess dirt. This can be done twice or thrice a year to prevent dirt from sticking too long. Besides that, you should regularly check whether the frame has visible marks or trails of dust.

4. Consider Working with Professionals

Aside from routine cleaning and maintenance, your knowledge might not be enough for the high-end treatment your artwork requires. If you are feeling unsure, here are signs that might tell you when you have to call an expert:

  • Lifted paint in canvases
  • Visible water exposure
  • Changes in the colour and the hues
  • Yellow spots on paper

The Bottom Line

Whether you are purchasing paintings as a decoration for your plain walls or as a way to add value to your home, taking care of these pieces comes with great responsibility. You have to deal with factors like humidity levels and framing selection to maintain the quality of your artworks. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that all by yourself, educating yourself and seeking professional help would still be the best decision.

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