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5 Tips for Displaying Your Diplomas Nicely in Any Space

Getting a diploma is a wonderful achievement you can always look back on. It’s a symbol of the fruits of your labour in the pursuit of education. This is why people love to put their diplomas, certificates and accolades on display. There is a distinctive sense of pride that can be taken from having a nicely displayed diploma.

When it comes to certificate framing, you want to do it right. When displayed well, it shows that you care about this milestone and don’t take it for granted. It also establishes a sense of credibility. So, whether you plan to prop it up in your office or have it by the mantle at home, make sure you follow some essential tips on displaying your diploma.

Make Sure You Prep the Actual Diploma for Display

If your diploma has been stored in a way that has the material rolled up or a little creased, you’ll want to make sure that it’s flat and unbent before thinking about framing. This way, you won’t have a hard time dealing with curls during the framing process.

You should be able to easily flatten the diploma by putting weights on each corner and using blotting paper to protect it. 

After leaving it untouched for at least twenty-four hours, you can carefully apply a little heat to the paper to get rid of wrinkles. To make sure you don’t ruin the diploma during the ironing process, make sure you only have the heat on low and that you have a buffer of at least two blotting paper sheets between the iron and the diploma.

Make Sure Your Find the Perfect Frame

Although you can use a store-ready frame, it’s better to have a custom frame created for your diploma so that it perfectly matches the size and visual elements on the certificate. 

When it comes to certificate framing, you want to find materials that won’t damage the diploma as the years go by. With this, you need to think about the glass used and the frame itself. Ask your supplier which materials they use for long-term display that won’t fade your diploma.

Get a Good Mat Board

A lot of frames either don’t come with a mat board or come with a flimsy one. Go for an archival variation that matches the palette of your diploma. Go for a nice and sturdy board with clean colours that complement the displayed document. You can even use more than one colour if you use a double mat.

Considering Adding a Decorative Element

Don’t feel limited to simply having a plain frame and the document snug inside. You can add some decorative elements like lining and ribbons if you want some added flare and significance. Just make sure to edit so that you don’t end up with a gaudy or out-of-place design.

Choose a Spot That Fits Your Interior Theme

Finally, you get to pick the best spot to highlight your diploma. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb, but you still want it to have some distinction. Find a good area of your wall to hang it up on or find a good nook either on a shelf or desk to position it. With a custom frame and design, you can match your interior design.


A diploma is no insignificant matter, so it would be a shame to keep it hidden in storage. When displayed, it really speaks for itself. With these tips, you should be able to find the best way to showcase your diploma in a tasteful and celebratory manner.

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