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Diploma & Certificate Framing: Preserve & Display Your Academic Achievements

Diplomas, certificates, and other academic accolades serve as tangible tokens of the commitment, perseverance, and dedication you invested in your educational journey. These valuable documents symbolise your achievements, skills, and knowledge, and deserve to be displayed with pride, artistry, and care.

At our Newtown-based picture framing shop, we understand the importance of expertly framing and preserving your diplomas and certificates, ensuring that they maintain their integrity and appearance for years to come.

In this informative article, we will provide you with an in-depth guide to diploma and certificate framing, offering insights into the most effective materials, techniques, and display options for safeguarding and showcasing your academic accomplishments.

Our Newtown-based framing experts will share valuable advice on choosing the right frame style and colour, selecting conservation-grade materials, and considering custom matting and glazing options that suit your unique requirements.

Through this exploration, you will gain the insight and confidence needed to create framed renditions of your diplomas and certificates that honour your achievements, stand the test of time, and add a touch of sophistication to your home or office.

Join our Newtown-based picture framing team as we delve into the world of diploma and certificate framing, guiding you through the essential steps to expertly preserve, protect, and exhibit your academic accomplishments.

Together, we will celebrate your educational journey and ensure that these hard-earned tokens of success continue to inspire and remind you of your achievements for the years ahead.

Frame Styles and Colours: Complement Your Document’s Appearance

Choosing the appropriate frame style and colour for your diploma or certificate is crucial in creating an attractive and complementary display. Consider these factors when making your decision:

  • Match Your Document: Select a frame colour and style that complements the design and colours within your diploma or certificate. Consider the document’s font, logo, or other visual elements when making your choice.
  • Classic and Timeless: Opt for classic frame styles and colours, such as black, gold, or wood tones, to maintain the sophistication and timeless appeal of your academic achievements.
  • Personalised and Unique: For a customised look, incorporate elements that represent your educational institution, field of study, or personal style into the frame design.

Conservation and Preservation: Protect Your Academic Investment

Preserve the integrity and longevity of your diplomas and certificates by utilising conservation framing techniques and materials. Follow these expert tips for choosing the right materials and methods:

  • Acid-Free Matting and Backing: Use acid-free matting and backing materials to prevent discolouration, deterioration, and damage to your diploma or certificate.
  • UV-Protective Glazing: Protect your document from harmful UV rays, fading, and environmental damage by using UV-protective glass or Plexiglass in your frame.
  • Proper Mounting Techniques: Secure your diploma or certificate using conservation-friendly mounting methods such as photo corners, Japanese paper hinges, or other non-adhesive techniques that allow for easy removal without damage.

Custom Matting and Glazing: Enhance Your Display with Added Details

Personalise and amplify the visual appeal of your framed diploma or certificate with custom matting and glazing options. Consider these ideas when designing your display:

  • Custom Matting: Opt for custom-cut matting to add depth, focus, and distinction to your diploma or certificate. Experiment with double or triple mat layers, or play with varying widths and colours to enhance your document’s features.
  • Non-Glare Glazing: Minimise reflection and glare on your framed document with non-glare glass or Plexiglass, allowing for clear and unobstructed viewing from all angles.
  • Creative Accents: Integrate creative accents into your frame design, such as incorporating your institution’s colours in the matting or adding engraved metal plates to commemorate your degree title or graduation year.

Display Options and Arrangements: Honour Your Achievements with Pride

Expertly position your framed diplomas and certificates in your home or office. Select from a range of display options and arrangements that best showcase your academic success:

  • Focal Points: Hang your framed diploma or certificate in a prominent and visible location, creating an eye-catching focal point that celebrates your hard work and achievements.
  • Professional Office Spaces: Display your framed credentials in your workspace, demonstrating your expertise and accomplishments to colleagues, clients, and visitors.
  • Thematic Groupings: Combine your diploma or certificate with related academic accolades, such as awards, photographs, or other memorabilia, creating a cohesive and thematic display that highlights your educational journey.


Expertly framing your diplomas and certificates demonstrates the pride and respect you hold for your academic achievements while ensuring their physical preservation for years to come. Allow our experienced Newtown-based picture framing team to guide you in creating sophisticated and stylish displays that celebrate your hard work, dedication, and success.

Embrace your educational accomplishments by displaying them with the artistry and care they deserve. Rely on our Newtown-based picture framers to provide you with high-quality framing solutions, tailored to your unique academic journey and personal style. In doing so, you will inspire personal growth, foster an environment of learning, and cultivate pride in your hard-earned successes as you continue on your path to lifelong learning and growth.

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