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A Guide to Picture Frames: Different Types of Frames

When you frame your pictures, you are not only protecting it against dirt and dust, but you are also adding nuance to the way you’re displaying it. You may even consider the frame itself as another piece of art, so choosing the right frame to complement your piece can be an integral part of the overall design.

However, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choices at your disposal. In this article, we’ve prepared a list to help familiarise you with the different types of frames you can pick.

1. Modern Frame

A modern frame is typically anything that is sleek, very minimal in its appearance or reflects the latest in contemporary design. This type of frame is clean-cut, and it doesn’t have a lot of embellishments. They often use neutral colours to maximise the visual effect of the piece. 

2. Floating Frame

A floating frame is anything that has a transparent or partially clear substance that allows the image to be the centre of attention. This type of framing gives your art the illusion of floating on the wall. It is often made with plexiglass, glass, and acrylic material.

3. Canvas Print

Canvas prints are a great choice if you would like to add a 3D element to the way you display your pictures. The name, canvas print, gives a clue as to how the print is made. It is stretched over a wood or metal frame, so if you want to infuse warmth or a more homey atmosphere, this is a choice you can use. 

4. Shadow Box Frame

A shadow box frame is typically a box that has a window to showcase an item. This type of frame will often allow you to manipulate light and enhance the overall design. Shadow boxes are usually a combination of different media and materials, so it can be a great way to create a specific mood and tone.

5. Gallery Frame

A gallery frame is the most common thing you would see at a traditional art gallery. This type of frame is often made with a deep profile or cascading effect that is meant to draw attention. It is an elegant and professional way to display your image and is larger than the piece itself. It is often made for a statement piece, so if you want something that isn’t understated, this is a choice you can make.

6. Tabletop Frame

A tabletop frame is a frame that is specifically made to fit on a flat surface. It offers a contemporary or elegant appearance and is ideal for small to medium-sized pieces. This type of frame is very versatile and can be used to frame anything from a single picture to a family portrait.


The choices of frames available may be more abundant than you think, but they each have their own unique look and feel. Depending on the kind of art or image you’re displaying and the effect you want to achieve, you can choose a type of frame that will reflect your style and your personality. Take your time with choosing, and find the frame that lets your image and your room shine!

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