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How to Decorate Your Home with Custom Frames for an Upcoming Party

As the year comes to a close, we all would like to send it off with a bang. You may be hosting your own New Year’s party, and you are ready to decorate your place and create a glamorous impact with your friends.

While there are many designs that you can do for your space, you would want to be unique because you are not the only one with a party. A great touch to add to your home is a custom frame. 

If you aren’t sure where to add a custom frame to your house for the party, read on below for suggestions.

1. Hang Your Family Photos in Custom Frames

Most houses will have this, which is a tradition for some families. Why not honour your own family by showing them off? Hang your family photos you took in the past year on your walls with gorgeous custom frames.

2. Frame Your Television

Who says frames only work for pictures and posters? Frame your television for a beautiful effect around the edge. It is a great way to make it stand out against your wall and emphasise the photos inside the box.

Strive to choose a colour frame that is different from your interior walls. However, make sure that you do not pick a colour that is too bright because it could be distracting for your guests. We recommend choosing neutral colours like white, brown, or black.

3. Sentimental Decoration

A good idea for some party decor to welcome the upcoming year are photos of the previous years that feature your guests. Most of all, the best way to hang them is with custom frames made to tell a story of each memory. It can be a good trip down memory lane that you and your guests would enjoy looking at.

4. Pop Culture Memorabilia

What else would be better than seeing pop culture throughout the years hung on your walls? It will give you a blast to the past as you walk towards the future with your new year’s party. Including decades worth of pop culture memories as decor on your walls would be exciting.

It can also be a fun party game as people try to identify the year each iconic thing came from. It is something that people can relate to and is an experience that almost everyone can share.

5. Frame Your Resolutions

There’s no fantastic way to remind yourself of your own new year’s resolution than to have it custom framed. They serve as a great reminder that you have promised yourself several things to improve for the next year. 

You can hang them on the walls so that you do not forget what your resolutions are. What’s more, they can even motivate you to do your best to achieve them.


Hosting a new year’s party can be a lot of stress and work, but it will also be loads of fun. One aspect you must always consider is decorations because it could bring your party to the next level. Create unique decorations with custom frames and use them to frame the most important and memorable years of 2021. We hope you can welcome 2022 with more memories to frame!

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