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6 Different Ways for Creatively Applying Picture Frames to Wall Art

Filling blank walls with stunning art is one of the best home decorating ideas. Thankfully, a personal touch and sense of creativity can quickly make a place feel warm and elegant at the same time.

Do you have art that you wish you could display in your home? When it comes to framing your wall art, the first step is identifying the best location for each piece. Unfortunately, choosing where to hang a large painting might be challenging. For this reason, here are six different tips in framing wall art creatively to liven up your space:

1. Try Vertical Panels

It is impossible to go wrong with arranging your framed artwork in a fixed path. Choose a set of identical rectangular frames with a simple design and load them with your best artwork that goes well beside each other. 

You can also try to cut an inexpensive artwork to fit the divided frames. Vertical panels are most effective when placed near doorways and fireplaces.

If you have several artworks with a landscape orientation, you can try separating them into panels as well. This can give a cool illusion of a panoramic view in one of your rooms.

2. Decorate Your Stairway

The wall surrounding your stairway is an excellent spot to showcase smaller-sized artworks. To choose which arrangement would look best on your staircase, you may draw inspiration from several Pinterest boards. Check that the photo frames are not tilting and are completely right-angled before hanging them.

3. Mix and Match Different Frame Designs

While sticking to a single image concept is appropriate for some settings, you can kick things up a level by combining multiple styles. These might include solid hardwood and plain black picture frames, as well as vibrant frames. Whichever designs you choose to combine, ensure that the finished product is visually pleasing and does not appear out of place.

4. Use Contrasting Colors

With contrasted photo frame wall art, you can immediately transform a monotone wall. Adding a wall texture or colour that is contrasting in your gallery might make it stand out. Placing it on a columned or brick wall, as well as against some other raised surface, is a fantastic idea.

5. Go for an Angled Look

A slanted art display is a great option if you want to add some interest to your walls without overpowering them. Instead of organising your photo frames in the traditional right-angled manner, arrange them at a diagonal angle. Move your head to determine which aspect will appear best in the area, and then decorate the rest of the room with aesthetically attractive photographs.

6. Build a Personal Art Gallery

To begin creating your arts centre, you must first choose a location. This does not need to be a vast area; a tiny section of your wall would suffice. Even a set of five to six well-placed artwork would appear creative and elegant. 

Combine and contrast various colours and textures. Black and white picture frames, metal and wood frames, matte and high-gloss frames are only a few examples.

When you’ve collected all of your framed artwork, the next step is to prepare your gallery. You may utilise the floor as a guide by setting out and organising the various frames in different places. Determine which combinations and layouts appear to be the most attractive. Begin in the centre with the largest frame and make your way out, and take a snapshot of the design after you are pleased with it for future reference.

Conclusion: Take Note of Your Photo Frames

It is important to have artworks in the correct size, colours, and material when utilising wall art. A suitable frame will help preserve the life of your art and keep it from dropping or shattering. Custom frames are perfect for wall art because they provide versatility as well as quality.

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